Gave A In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gave A | Gave A Sentence

  • And he gave a command.
  • To him he gave a key.
  • And then he gave a third.
  • Suddenly he gave a start.
  • Prescott gave a groan.
  • Suddenly he gave a cry.
  • Macklin gave a whistle.
  • Patrice gave a shudder.
  • Constance gave a cry.
  • Cameron gave a start.
  • Trouble gave a grunt.
  • Mackintosh gave a gasp.
  • Dorothy gave a start.
  • Gertie gave a whistle.
  • Suddenly he gave a jump.
  • His heart gave a bound.
  • Mary gave a little sigh.
  • Chester gave a long whistle.
  • Art gave a short laugh.
  • Rhoda gave a little sob.
  • Then he gave a satisfied grunt.
  • He gave a rough laugh.
  • Peter gave a grunt of disapproval.
  • Then she gave a little sob.
  • Gaspar gave a long whistle.
  • Banfi gave a sigh of relief.
  • Lumley gave a short laugh.
  • As he rode off he gave a grunt.
  • And he almost gave a gasp.
  • He gave a sharp exclamation.
  • She gave a little cry.
  • Ashley gave a snort of impatience.
  • She gave a little gasp.
  • Then she gave a shiver of disgust.
  • Anne gave a remorseful cry.

How To Use Gave A In A Sentence?

  • Launcelot gave a long whistle.
  • She gave a little shiver.
  • He gave a long whistle.
  • Kibei gave a howl of joy.
  • Morse gave a shout of surprise.
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