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  • Banfi gave a sigh of relief.
  • Constance demurred at first and then gave in.
  • Then she gave a little cry.
  • He gave me a glance from behind the coffee-stand.
  • This consideration gave her strength for a final effort.
  • He gave me a look which seemed to drink up my soul.
  • About three months ago we gave a great concert.
  • She gave it to Dandy.
  • Mr. Bates gave him lessons.
  • Without doubt it was I that gave Susy that impression.
  • She gave me a whole dollar, too, to spend just as I liked.
  • Judith gave an exclamation of pleasure as she stood on the threshold.
  • I gave her my mother's message.
  • She stooped to collect them, and gave an exclamation of surprise.
  • The latter gave him a nod which would not have disgraced Jove in full council.
  • Sange Moarte gave a start, as if suddenly aroused out of a deep sleep.
  • Patricia gave a gurgle of amusement at Judith's grown-up air.

How To Use Gave In A Sentence?

  • The magic of the dim hour was on them and they gave themselves to the music entire.
  • He gave us all he had, taking our coin in exchange in the spirit in which it was offered.
  • They gave as well as received, and the value of the gift depended on the character of the giver.
  • She gave the promise, determined to keep it; and yet she knew she would not keep it.
  • Lady Beldi thereupon gave her arm to her friend and led her into the dining-room.
  • To the former he gave the name of Oromazes, and to the latter that of Arimanius.
  • They say she met him at a luncheon she gave to Milano and her teacher at the Ritz last week.
  • I gave him my whole heart; no father ever had a daughter more attached; but I could not marry him.
  • He was so good to me; he never denied me anything; he gave me everything, even you, dearest Julia.
  • My overcoat had been wet through for three days, and the sun coming out gave me a chance of drying it.
  • Steve gave him fifteen minutes to get out of the hotel, and half an hour to get out of town or there would be results.
  • She lent her whole mind to the conversation, interested in the account that the young man gave of his dramatic aspirations.
  • With these words he gave his horse the spur, galloped forward, and caught up the herculean horseman.
  • It was rather worn, even in the kindly firelight, and gave an emphasis to the shabbiness of the whole figure.
  • Stealing gave the Szeklers no pleasure, it was destruction for its own sake that they found so delightful.
  • This selection gave the local postmaster, who was also possessed of grim humour, the vastest entertainment.
  • The Diet gave them to me with the onerous condition of equipping at my own cost twelve regiments for the defence of the country.
  • Patricia had a vision of a fascinating, elegant creature with sorrowful eyes and plenty of furs, and she gave a little cry of expectation.
  • He had heard of avoiding service, but he knew little of the law, and wondered what power the service of the writ gave his creditor over him.
  • The consequence was, that the dreams of philosophy, falsely so called, gave place to the clear realities of nature.
  • We entered it talking, and this gave a couple of half-dressed young ladies an opportunity to take refuge behind a screen undiscovered.
  • There was a merry outcry at this transparent plea and then Bruce, with a pretense of reluctance, gave in.
  • His conscience, no doubt, often reproved him for such a course of life, and gave rise to many resolutions of amendment.

Definition of Gave

simple past tense of give
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