Gave Up In A Sentence

How To Use Gave Up In A Sentence?

  • He never gave up in the least.
  • He was not a man who gave up so easily.
  • He gave up the struggle in despair.
  • Then he gave up the idea disdainfully.
  • Many gave up and asked protection.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gave Up | Gave Up Sentence

  • I gave up all for him.
  • Pep gave up all hope now.
  • So they gave up their banners.
  • But she gave up the question.
  • But they never gave up.
  • But he gave up in despair.
  • We gave up our project.
  • Cameron gave up the struggle.
  • Connecticut gave up her claims.
  • Look how he gave up the estate!
  • Nathalie gave up in despair.
  • I gave up the heathenism.
  • Jemima gave up in despair.
  • Then the boys gave up.
  • Roger gave up the puzzle.
  • I gave up speaking of her to him.
  • She gave up for the evening.
  • Morgana immediately gave up his own.
  • He gave up the battle.
  • He gave up in despair.
  • But she gave up in despair.
  • I gave up all for lost.
  • She gave up the idea at once.
  • Harry gave up in despair.
  • I gave up that idea almost at once.
  • But he soon gave up apology.
  • Jory sighed and gave up reading.
  • He gave up his dearest friendships.
  • Philip gave up the struggle and fled.
  • They finally gave up in despair.
  • The pursuer gave up the chase.
  • Six of us then gave up our whips.
  • They shall have the arms which they gave up.
  • You never gave up your name.
  • He thought about handcuffs some more and then gave up.

Definition of Gave Up

simple past tense of give up
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