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  • He had never appeared gayer or been handsomer.
  • I see he looks gayer than ever.
  • The dinner was rather gayer than might have been expected.
  • Then it was crowded with gay equipages and gayer company.
  • The men seemed younger and gayer than the boys.
  • But there are gayer pictures in the streets of Pera.
  • Never had Portsmouth harbour presented a gayer scene.
  • At the party that night none was gayer than young Cameron.
  • The game went on merrily, and Inez seemed gayer than usual.
  • The French are a gayer people than the English.
  • Oh, Garry, my friend of gayer days, was that really folly!
  • Society might be out of town but the still gayer world was not.
  • There are many others with gayer plumage and more brilliant songs.
  • Sybil thought she had never seen her husband in gayer spirits.
  • The village presented a gayer and gayer spectacle as the hours went by.
  • They thought my nursery was gayer for her, I suppose; but she could not live.
  • There were no gayer people to be seen than Corette and the Condensed Pirate.
  • After dinner Dr. Maryland went home; and gayer and younger began to pour in.
  • The Red-head is a much gayer bird, with three colors--ha!

How To Use Gayer In A Sentence?

  • Not only are the tragic parts deepened, but the gayer scenes are set off by this feature.
  • Again the familiar look of things departed as they wandered about the wider, gayer streets.
  • A greater attention was paid to dress, which was of gayer hues and more fashionable texture.
  • The other pieces, upwards of forty in number, blend the grave with the gayer or lighter subjects.
  • Dr. John, who was standing beside him, was certainly much gayer and handsomer than he was.
  • It was incredible, this new Ruth with firm cheeks and bright colour; gayer even of costume.
  • You are forty-two and I am only thirty-five, but I find it no gayer than you do.
  • In gayer hours, when high my fancy ran, The Muse exulting thus her lay began.
  • Well,' he added, in a gayer tone, 'it has gratified me much to meet Lord Cadurcis.
  • There was something in her voice that told him she was gayer than of old, happy she had always been.
  • It is infinitely easier and gayer work than a well-weighed and serious criticism, and will always be more popular.
  • It would be difficult to imagine a gayer or busier place than this usually sombre city has become within a few days.
  • The first stirrings of this gayer Broadway die down as quickly almost as they manifested themselves.
  • It was a beautiful morning; and never had the sun shone down on a gayer assemblage than that which gathered together at the village church.
  • There was much real humor in his relation of the inn gossip, and the brightness of his presence caused a gayer air to our small festivity.
  • Merrily the evening passed off, and merrily the little hours came on, and song and laugh rather grew gayer than slackened.
  • About midnight the party broke up, and, despite the rain, the shamrog had never presided over a gayer table.
  • For nowhere, really, was plain living gayer or more attractive than in the new Oxford of this date.
  • And pressed by his hand, the flowers did not lose their original forms, but, on the contrary, became gayer and more odorous than before.
  • What I can say on the word of an historian is that the feast, interrupted for a moment, went on gayer than ever.
  • Soon strong open wagons and rockaways began to appear drawn by sleek, plump horses that often, seemingly, were gayer than their drivers.

Definition of Gayer

comparative form of gay: more gay | (chiefly Britain, colloquial, derogatory) Somebody who is gay (in the sense of either homosexual or uncool).

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