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  • Jameine was the gayest of all.
  • These brigades were decked out gayest of all.
  • Her friend was in the gayest mood.
  • It will unfold its gayest colors before thee!
  • The host was the youngest and gayest of the party.
  • The gayest of capitals experienced a sensation!
  • And off we went, the gayest crowd imaginable.
  • Nan confronted Raven with gayest eyes.
  • It was the gayest capital in the Western hemisphere.
  • Sai Gee was also dressed up in her gayest attire.
  • The Atterbury house was the gayest in Richmond.
  • A story of Gayest New York.
  • He was then the gayest of the gay and in the heyday of his career.
  • Let's borrow the very gayest things we can find.
  • These insects are almost universally dressed in the gayest colors.
  • The aspect of the gayest city in the world was dreary and comfortless.
  • He was in the gayest spirits and related a host of comical episodes.
  • Who was the gayest of the gay, and the most lawless of the unlawful?
  • It was the gayest in my friend's simple mansion.
  • The gayest of roles becomes a trifle wearing for everyday use.
  • They were, it may be well conceived, not of the gayest character.
  • It was the gayest company one ever could imagine, as they marched along.
  • For a time he plunged into the gayest life that Gumbolt offered.
  • The masked ball at the opera-house was the gayest scene in London.
  • I think this is the gayest scene I have ever looked upon in my life.
  • And with a voice in gayest chime, It prates of rifled mint and thyme.
  • The Crown Prince leads a life of the gayest diversity in his exile.
  • At the bump supper that evening Mr. Binney was the gayest of the gay.
  • The fountain in Piccadilly Circus was the gayest thing in London.

How To Use Gayest In A Sentence?

  • If you should see her you would say that she is as beautiful as the gayest flower in the garden.
  • The gayest and brightest flowers will be in bloom, and the musquitoes out in full force.
  • The closest if not quite the gayest relation they had yet known together was thus ushered in.
  • And tucked away between them in narrow bands of black are the gayest little scenes in the world.
  • She was wealthy, again the cavaliers were in power, and she was the gayest of the gay.
  • She was wearing her smartest dress of blue serge and her gayest hat of a deep old red.
  • Tita, who is in the gayest spirits, says good-bye to everybody with a light heart.
  • The co-eds were there, radiant in the snowiest of duck shirts, the gayest of shirt-waists.
  • He was one of the gayest and wildest courtiers in Paris, a man who has killed twenty men in duels.
  • It was a tone that always softened Gypsy, in her gayest frolics, in her wildest moods.
  • If the Greek lady be the gayest figure in the crowd, the Arab woman is the most dreary and dismal.

Definition of Gayest

superlative form of gay: most gay
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