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  • Hanno of Gaza was transported to Asshur.
  • The First White Ribbon at the Gaza Fair.
  • The history of the first battle of Gaza may be read elsewhere.
  • Thus for three days the whole country north of Gaza was cut off.
  • Puny Philistines eating peanuts and watching Samson at his Gaza stunt!
  • November, den Tuerken im Angriff bei Berseba und Gaza zuvorzukommen.

How To Use Gaza In A Sentence?

  • The Bedouins of the neighbourhood go there with their donkeys to draw it in black Gaza jars.
  • We had left Gaza on 7th November in drill clothing, carrying packs, haversacks, and gas-masks.
  • From Gaza to the mouth of the Euphrates, western Asia again obeyed the rule of a Babylonian king.
  • The numerous prickly-pear bushes surrounding the village on the Gaza side are a conspicuous feature in the landscape.
  • Behind this ridge ran the main road from Gaza northwards, and it was certain that the enemy would defend it desperately.
  • Numbers of women and children with black jugs from Gaza go there to draw water, giving, as may be imagined, great life and animation to the scene.
  • On the 31st the Battalion moved to a new bivouac area closer to the wadi, screened from prying eyes at Gaza by a gentle rise in the ground.
  • After a fortnight here a start was made with thinning out the line, in order to let some of those who had been engaged in the Gaza battle get a spell in reserve.
  • And when the emperor came into the apartment of the empress, she told him all touching the bishops, and requested him that the heathen temples of Gaza should be thrown down.
  • We certainly did not believe ourselves preparing for a forlorn hope and we went into the second battle in perfect confidence that we should be bivouacked among the Gaza olive trees at its close.
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