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  • His gaze travelled to her hair.
  • Her gaze was fastened on his face.
  • Keith fastened his gaze on something out of the window.
  • His gaze was full of rage and contempt.
  • Marguerite left her quiet weeping to gaze with him.
  • But her gaze was full of an inexplicable mystery.
  • Why stand you thus, and gaze with wondering eyes?
  • Tucker's gaze shifted.
  • Teleki returned his gaze with the most nonchalant sangfroid.
  • Yet this once the clear gaze of those dark eyes will encounter.
  • The hostess's gaze followed hers.
  • On these he would occasionally gaze with transient enthusiasm.
  • The dark blue eyes of the child gaze out upon the world in reposeful wonder.
  • Corinna's gaze softened until it swept the girl's face like a caress.
  • O'er earth's wide realm my gaze extend, Nature and science I desire to know.
  • When the spell of Keith's gaze was lifted from him he had recovered.
  • She turned her gaze upon him--radiant, misty, marvellous.

How To Use Gaze In A Sentence?

  • How satirical are some expressions that slumber in sweetness too exquisite to gaze on!
  • He stood up and looked out of the window with a curious gaze in his burning eyes.
  • They thronged upon her in the streets to gaze at her fair face and greet her as a deliverer.
  • As he circled, the gaze of the horse and cow followed him with the keenest interest.
  • As she took in the sweep of country her gaze concentrated upon the moving objects she saw in it.
  • She smiled an assent, with her dreaming gaze on the young leaves and the blue sky.
  • Her clear gaze travelled from face to face as one or another of the officers rose and spoke.
  • She ceased speaking; but still continued to gaze upward with rapt and earnest eyes.
  • But his gaze forbade my gaze, it was so fixed and piercing upon something at the end of the hall.
  • She tore her gaze from the sunshine beyond, from the beauty and the wistfulness of April.
  • He turned and looked at her at the moment my gaze was thus arrested, and I saw his face change.
  • Now that I gaze upon the face of one, Whom with a word untrue I must encounter!
  • He had not that freedom of gaze acquired by the habit of society and the frequent meetings with strangers.
  • There was something ominous in the intensity of his gaze and the meaning which he had contrived to impart to his tone.
  • But something about her words and still gaze presently quieted the fury in his veins, and he spoke more temperately.
  • But under his intensifying gaze her own dropped, and he went on reading; in a voice that shook, however.
  • At last the woman appeared to sleep, and when she opened her eyes again, her gaze had become clear and lucid.
  • Turning away from the father, his glance met the calm eyes of the baby fixed on him with that gaze which was as old and as pitiless as philosophy.
  • He met the incredulous gaze both of Lessingham and his wife without recognition or any sign of flinching.
  • Jacob remained staring at the bottle, and then at the open hamper in the closet, as if fascinated by the gaze of some deadly serpent.
  • They met her gaze now so tenderly, so caressingly, that something seemed to melt in her heart which had long been pent there.
  • It looked to us as though a miracle had been wrought before our eyes; as though the gaze of the Maid had done it.
  • He swung up on his horse as he spoke, and Dixie rode away after him, followed by the admiring gaze of all hands and the cook.

Definition of Gaze

(intransitive) To stare intently or earnestly. | (transitive, poetic) To stare at. | A fixed look; a look of eagerness, wonder, or admiration; a continued look of attention.
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