Gazed In A Sentence

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  • Lessingham gazed at it eagerly.
  • I gazed in admiration.
  • Harding gazed silently at him.
  • The man gazed irresolutely at him.
  • I gazed upon her at this crisis.
  • Corinna gazed up at the blue sky and the sunlight.
  • The servants gazed at me with curiosity and surprise.
  • Ida gazed at the drawing with increased interest.
  • As he spoke the man opened his eyes and gazed up at them.
  • I gazed and listened with intense curiosity and enjoyment.
  • Frankly perplexed, he gazed wonderingly into her eyes.
  • She again gazed at me brightly, her eyes swimming.
  • Gray gazed about him and thought of England.
  • For an instant Stephen gazed at her in silence.
  • For a minute Corinna gazed thoughtfully into the fire.
  • At all these things Archibald gazed in thoughtful silence.
  • The Marquis stepped back and gazed at him with surprise.
  • They resumed their seats and gazed on each other with dismay.
  • Patricia gazed with astonishment at this amazing young sister of hers.
  • I gazed on her for a moment in a delicious tumult of emotions.
  • A smile curved her lips as she gazed at the quivering sunbeams.
  • She gazed meditatively at the points of flame on the white candles.
  • Helen gazed at the gold-printed letters a little incredulously.
  • Harry gazed on his retreating figure, his brow wrinkled in perplexity.
  • Marmaduke shrank back, and gazed upon the aperture with abhorrence and dismay.
  • Nora, who was still carrying her cue, gazed at her father in amazement.
  • Placated by Renouard's docility the Editor gazed at him for a while.
  • He gazed at him in admiration and then exclaimed: 'By Jove!

How To Use Gazed In A Sentence?

  • I gazed with respect and wonder at the vagrant personages who accompanied these caravans.
  • Philippa seated herself upon the trunk of a fallen tree and gazed contentedly about her.
  • I threw off my clothes and hurried into bed; but still this visage gazed upon me.
  • My very eyes ached as I gazed at the high and courtly beauty that passed before me.
  • I sat in my chair gazing at it, and the more I gazed the more it disquieted me.
  • For answer, Jessie gazed at me with an expression curiously compounded of horror and dismay.
  • When I had gazed at the disk awhile I pretended to be sleepy, and began to nod.
  • They went on climbing steadily without exchanging another word; and when they stood on the top she gazed a long time before her.
  • While he gazed at her across the violent whirl of colours in the ballroom, he remembered the evening star shining silver white in the afterglow.
  • The veils of these fairy forms flutter left and right, revealing faces whose youthful charms no eye of man has ever gazed upon.
  • Laura stood still and gazed upwards until the opening bars had sounded, then she sprang, as it were, into space, and her whole aspect altered.
  • I gazed in first, before I even noticed her, and beheld in the centre of the room a small polished pianoforte.

Definition of Gazed

simple past tense and past participle of gaze
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