Gazing In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gazing | Gazing Sentence

  • He was gazing up at the pine-clad spur above them.
  • Both men were on their feet and gazing at the canoe.
  • Helen was gazing uneasily along the sands.
  • She was gazing at him in a curious, reflective way.
  • For we are aweary, weary, gazing on these rocks around.
  • Richard Horton stood gazing speechlessly at the letter.
  • She broke off because the woman was gazing at her so strangely.
  • He checked his horse and paused for some time gazing at the peak.
  • So there he stood gazing at her, and it was like looking at a shining sun.
  • He paused and smoked a while, still gazing at the streak of dust.
  • Betty sat gazing at her father, full of anxious and sorrowful thoughts.
  • The Queen stood transfixed with amazement, gazing at the woman's face.

How To Use Gazing In A Sentence?

  • Patty who had been gazing into the fire turned on her a face that was as sparkling as a sunbeam.
  • Many a young enthusiast comes begging for the privilege of gazing from my windows into theirs.
  • These last words he addressed to his father, who was gazing at him in blank misery.
  • She stood gazing down into the fire, listening to their footsteps as they crossed the hall.
  • The lad did not answer, but stood gazing at the sailors in a state of utter bewilderment.
  • When he reached the top, there stood a huge giant, gazing down into the valley below.
  • I sat in my chair gazing at it, and the more I gazed the more it disquieted me.
  • Marietta stood gazing round the studio, holding the trembling Rose in her hand.
  • One seemed to see as well as feel this heat, and Griffiths sought vain relief by gazing shoreward.
  • The doctor nodded, gazing silently at the sand; and the Squire resumed with undiminished relish.
  • Who so full of joy as Samuel, as he passes through the gazing throng with Deborah on his arm.
  • Lessingham was gazing out through the chaotic shadows of the distant banks of clouds from which the moon was rising.
  • If he had turned his head he would have seen his late companion gazing after him with a satirical smile on his crafty face.
  • After gazing thus about them they stooped their heads again, and went on feeding, as if no danger were near them.
  • She paused before the sentry, gazing at him with earnest eyes, full of mournful reproach and sorrow.
  • He tried to envision himself living a thousand years ago gazing out of the same window, marvelling at the sights that may have been there.
  • Leaning down dangerously from his perch, he detached it from the twig on which it had caught, and then sat holding it in his hand and gazing at it.
  • Still I had the idea of this inexplicable countenance gazing and keeping watch upon me through the darkness.
  • The poet had drawn near, his feet were falling soft on the grass, and was gazing at them with a singular attentiveness.
  • As he raised himself he saw a dog lying a few feet off, with its head between its paws, gazing at him with brown intelligent eyes.
  • When he had read a few lines he let it drop upon the floor, and stood gazing at it as though some strange fascination glared out from it upon him.
  • The banker was gazing at the young man ironically; but, as he observed him, his credulity began to give way.
  • The girl stood, with her hands clasped, gazing at the fishermen grouped on the shore, stooping over the prostrate figures.
  • Hubert and Emily paused, and stood gazing at the large beech wood that swept over some rising ground.
  • Even Brigham was licking his lips and gazing at the town; and when the first bottle came out he took a long drink with the rest.
  • After the girl had disappeared up the quaint flight of stairs, Corinna stood gazing meditatively at the bar of sunlight over the front door.
  • The cart was drawn into a shed, and Samuel sat gazing through the door, hardly able to eat or drink for happiness.
  • When she let it go there was a tear on the back of it; which Archie, gazing at wonderingly, suddenly lifted to his lips.

Definition of Gazing

present participle of gaze | The act by which somebody gazes.
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