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  • What little geese we were!
  • A flock of small geese was approaching.
  • A gift of a few geese of spotless purity accompanied it.
  • A bachelor is a wild goose that tame geese envy.
  • Every man worth his salt thinks his own geese are swans.
  • And so, for a trifle, The geese had been bought.
  • If his geese were swans, they were not all Swans of Avon.
  • Perhaps the mayor's geese have strayed?
  • I think there are some beautiful sedges there where geese are likely to live.
  • When the geese flew up into the air, they carried the hunter with them.
  • Keep your eyes fixed on that flock o' geese as long as they're in sight.
  • It was a flock of the great grey geese of Canada which now approached.
  • The geese flapped their wings in terror and gathered about the Goosegirl.
  • I s'pose your Indian dogs will eat geese raw, but mine never would.

How To Use Geese In A Sentence?

  • Cattle were grazing about the lawns, and ducks and geese swimming in the fishponds.
  • I heard something about the unworthiness of certain white geese out of stuffy drawing-rooms.
  • Seven geese on grass land are supposed to eat as much grass as will keep a cow.
  • When she had driven the geese to the field, she sat down and loosed her golden hair.
  • The goose-herd grandson was driving a flock of geese across the green bowl below the cabin.
  • At last he heard geese cackling, so he followed the cry, and soon got safe to the village.
  • If he was beaten, the cause Is the green geese in his army, led by traitors.
  • But kindly Mrs Pendle was the most innocent of mortals, and all geese were swans to her.
  • You see, I'd had the geese sent me, and I wanted you to all come with me to Mathiesen's place.
  • Now and then she tossed a handful of corn to her quacking geese or played with a wreath of wild daisies.
  • There are a vast number of stories told of singular and strong attachments formed by geese to people.
  • In Central Park is a place where they have ducks and geese (keep the Mayor in aigs, I heerd).
  • Experiments in fattening were upon one occasion successfully tried with a brood of greylag geese which we discovered on the marshes.
  • With the geese at her heels, she ran swiftly toward the pool and peered earnestly into its clear depths.
  • The heated iron hisses when it is plunged into the trough, but shall we hiss at each other like geese or serpents?
  • There were many small lakes, and the ducks and geese were noisily enjoying themselves among the rushes and water-grasses.
  • He saw the geese themselves, hissing and flapping their wings while the sunlight played upon the rough pink surface of their plucked breasts.
  • The waddling geese let off their shrieking calliopes as they sail out into the stream, or browse with nodding twitch along the grassy bank.
  • She avoided looking at him, and her eyes followed the evolutions of a flock of white geese holding regatta in a pond close to the railway track.
  • Sometimes it was very narrow, so that they could hardly pass, ... and the geese fled shrieking at their approach.
  • Remembering that it was a woman who lost the world, we should accept the act of cackling geese in saving Rome as partial reparation.
  • Within this area pig-styes and fowl-houses should be erected, and no swine, ducks, or geese be permitted to be kept outside its boundary.
  • The American called out to him and a moment later the youth, considerably excited, drove his geese up to the door.
  • The park also had starback tortoises, monitor lizards, ducks and geese of various kinds, monkeys and other small animals.
  • Guinea-fowls, partridges, ducks, and geese abound, and a large number are daily shot by the sportsmen of the camp.
  • Again she passed on with the geese and Curdken under the gate, and when she came to the field where they were herded, sat down and loosed her hair.

Definition of Geese

plural of goose
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