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  • To knot and gender in!
  • A specimen of the masculine gender in the human being!
  • C. Change of gender in nouns.
  • I'm just clay, and the wrong gender of that.
  • The Definite Article agrees in gender and number with the antecedent.

How To Use Gender In A Sentence?

  • Lucille was by no means as experienced in the ways of the wicked gender as many younger women.
  • Inflexion is unknown in Malay, and gender has no place in the grammar of the language.
  • There were five members of the Council, three of the male gender and two of the female.
  • Dominic, and then extended in the wrong gender to Sancta Dominica, otherwise Saint Sunday?
  • Creatures of fiction and real creatures are not so radically different that they would not all of them fit into the general gender of being.
  • Because an adjective is longer in the feminine than in the masculine, and with him and his like the former gender stands very little chance.
  • Every noun has a gender, and there is no sense or system in the distribution; so the gender of each must be learned separately and by heart.
  • For there certainly was a figure in somewhat close proximity, the ulster and pork-pie hat being such as to make the gender doubtful.
  • Thare are none ov the animals, that i kan remember ov now, that are ov the nuter gender except the mule.
  • No very comprehensive rules, therefore, can be given; but the gender of every noun should be learned with its meaning.
  • If the sun is invested with a name of masculine gender (but the sun is frequently feminine), he must do feats becoming such a character.
  • Or, if the ladies alone represent the qualities that are of the feminine gender in the French language, which of the three is absent?
  • A lexic comparison is between vocal elements; a grammatic comparison is between grammatic methods, such, for example, as gender systems.
  • All of these characteristics are in part adventitious, but to a large extent the gender is a phenomenon of growth, indicating the stage to which the language has attained.
  • I was about to return to my literary review, but my attention was distracted by a female voice which rang in my ears; anything of the feminine gender always distracts my attention.

Definition of Gender

(archaic) To engender. | (archaic or obsolete) To breed. | Grammatical gender.
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