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How To Use Generous In A Sentence?

  • He helped himself to a whisky and soda on the generous principle of half and half.
  • She took a generous delight in dressing me up, and was as clever as she was kind about it.
  • The army is a school in which the miser becomes generous, and the generous prodigal.
  • She is extremely civil, and obligeing; and they say, she is generous and beneficent.
  • He was generous and just, and strict in the observance of all the duties of Islam.
  • Since by this generous act she will at once Oblige my son, and make us all her friends.
  • He removed the potato, picked up a tin cup, and proceeded calmly to pour out a generous portion.
  • She looked as well as ever, and Nurse was equally generous in the matter of tea and toast.
  • Not a single syllable of gratitude for the generous love that had so forgotten self in admiration for another.
  • And the most remarkable part was that she had come to this state of mind through her best impulses and by the way of her generous admirations.
  • There was something kindly and generous appearing behind the veil of naive and uncontrolled sensuality she had worn.
  • Wallie scooped out a generous spoonful and placed it on his plate, waiting confidently for the verdict.
  • In truth, the generous traits of character that beamed through all this gloom had penetrated to my heart.
  • I eyed their generous display of pink neck and arm with the seasoned eye of a man who has lived in the world.
  • Such a soil is peculiarly favorable to the growth of the manly virtues where nature has assisted by her generous physical gifts.
  • He had become more civilized and more human under the weight of his generous emotions, but they could find no outlet.
  • The generous thing was to bear with her unreproaching, and at whatever cost to himself, humour her wish.
  • Sixthly, he and several associated firms had organised a simple and generous insurance scheme against lead-poisoning risks.
  • The people, having the freedom of paying taxes, had allowed the land to grow quickly through their generous contributions to the government.
  • She laughed in contralto: a penetrating sound with something generous in it; not infectious, but in others provoking a smile.
  • This includes military as well as private machines, also machines exported, and appears to be unduly generous even so.
  • But royalty in passing, as with the most humble of us, leaves nothing behind save the memory of a tip, generous or otherwise.
  • My own favourite is the fifth tale, a spirited and generous tribute to England's war effort.
  • The foreign policy of England, though ambitious and lavish of money, has not often been generous or just.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Generous | Generous Sentence

  • He was very generous to me.
  • I gathered a generous equipment of these, and ambushed him.
  • He is humane, compassionate, generous and beneficent.
  • Why should Mr. Davenant be generous to us?
  • There is nobody on earth more generous than she when she cares to be.
  • Nor has nature been very generous in the physical equipment of the species.
  • Something both wistful and generous in this speech touched the girl.
  • Clearly such work cannot be carried on without generous support.
  • He closed by thanking her for her generous tolerance of his weaknesses.
  • The pathos of her words appealed to the generous chivalry of his nature.
  • We are always attached to the generous enemy, who can strike, but spares!
  • David Grief poured a generous three-fingers into the tumbler and extended it.
  • The only fault you have, SeƱor, is being too generous with your money.
  • What good, honest, generous men at home, will be wolves and foxes on change!
  • Meantime his concessions to the War Party were generous and frequent.
  • Vincent nudged Frank warningly, but Frank could not resist a generous impulse.

Definition of Generous

Noble in behaviour or actions; principled, not petty; kind, magnanimous. [from 16th c.] | Willing to give and share unsparingly; showing a readiness to give more (especially money) than is expected or needed. [from 17th c.] | Large, more than ample, copious. [from 17th c.]
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