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  • Plenty of genial occupation.
  • The priest nodded a genial assent.
  • They are not genial to strangers, however.
  • Naught of this genial influence do I know!
  • I could not imagine at what the genial Count was driving.
  • The genial Frank was R. W. & O. trained and bred.
  • I was delighted with their handsome mien, and pleasant genial manners.
  • Hawthorne's humor was less genial than Irving's, and had a sharp satiric edge.
  • Our genial and home-loving Cowper has made his dog Beau classical.
  • And once, thou prince of genial souls, Men say thou drained'st thirty bowls.

How To Use Genial In A Sentence?

  • He had a relish for untainted wit and for genial humor, and for humor he had some capacity.
  • The next day at the country club the old gentleman was genial but slightly garrulous.
  • Mr. Sorenson is a very capable and conscientious game-warden and a very genial gentleman.
  • There shall he love, when genial mom appears, Like pensive Beauty smiling in her tears.
  • It represents the great and genial writer as some few years younger than he was when he last visited this country.
  • Every thing genial and amiable in my nature was repressed and nothing brought out but what was unprofitable and ungracious.
  • He merely shrugged his shoulders, and was ready with a genial greeting for the members who trooped in.
  • I had already recovered from my dejection, and felt in a most genial humour both with my jailor and his daughter.
  • What finest hands would not be clumsy to sketch the genial precepts of the young girl's demeanor?
  • A big and genial nature, a quick sympathy and understanding have proved great assets to a railroad executive.
  • Too healthily genial to feel this want more than obscurely, he nevertheless had tried to remedy it by resorting to the obvious means.
  • Dirkovitch knew this as well as any one else, but it suited him to talk special-correspondently and to make himself as genial as he could.
  • They don't make such men nowadays, or, if they do, they leave out the genial element.
  • One quick, anxious look he gave them, then his face wreathed in a genial smile and his hand was extended.
  • No one could desire a more genial companion; without the least effort he gave an interesting turn to everything he said.
  • The most genial fellow in the world, he was cursed with too much brains and imagination and a thirst which required quenching around pay-day.
  • On each side of his chubby face his transparent ears stood out at right angles, and his button of a mouth was wreathed in a genial smile.
  • Here there is no absolute want of anything, except a genial climate and well-built hospitals, neither of which you could supply.
  • His dry wit and genial disposition made him a great favorite with the boys, though he ruled with an iron hand when discipline was needed.
  • So genial was the smile, so frank the salutation, that not one scowled back at him or hurled the chunk of coal that bespeaks a surly temper.
  • The genial countenance, which displays none of the real martial type of his celebrated father, rises finely out of the red drapery.
  • Partly owing to the genial climate, their love of beauty, and their easy existence, their dress is of a simple and graceful order.
  • It was a cheerful place at the time I am speaking of, for there was plenty of entertaining and truly genial hospitality.
  • And his genial manner of saluting the full-general who met him with a dog-cart at Peshawur station was something scandalous.
  • Their flight on rapture-breathing pinions winging, From heaven to earth their genial influence bringing.
  • The Colonel was in a genial mood; the boys appeared very forlorn and unprotected on the desolate plain, and one of them was handsome.
  • But, in spite of his attitude to his own times, one could not ask for more genial company on going on a pilgrimage among the Augustans.
  • The well-balanced mind and kindly spirit of Don Mariano soon yielded to the genial influences surrounding him.
  • Leaning against the side of the door this genial gypsy smoked in blissful silence until the stub grew so short that it burned his already singed fingers.
  • Among the many riders to and from the ranch, there is one, a great, two-fisted, high-complexioned man, whose genial presence is ever welcome.

Definition of Genial

(anatomy) Relating to the chin; genian.
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