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  • This gentleman is with me.
  • Had the gentleman succeeded in obtaining a house?
  • Is the gentleman gone, sir?
  • Sir Simon be a gentleman justice.
  • You go off to England and live like the gentleman you are.
  • The old gentleman had not returned, so it must be Nurse.
  • The gentleman who sat next me was Mr. X. X.
  • Fancy living with a gentleman for months and never guessing.
  • And the old gentleman impos'd upon.
  • A couple of days ago a gentleman called upon me with a message.
  • Did the worthy gentleman work his way into his third half century?
  • When the old gentleman dies, he will have all the great family estate.
  • I ne'er saw The good old gentleman more pleas'd. DEM.
  • Mark Grafton is a soldier and a gentleman and you are a coward.
  • Lucky for Ben that the gentleman along with him is a fine sailor.
  • The gentleman when I take him his bath water he speak to me.
  • Had I indeed talked too much and too long to a gentleman and a stranger?
  • Conduct this gentleman to Captain Thraso's.
  • The company generally felt it, and used to call me little gentleman Jack.
  • In all the arts, a gentleman should know, I'll warrant him accomplish'd.
  • Mr. Gentleman Gray, so you can clear out of the Bush as soon as you like.
  • And the old gentleman enrag'd! GETA.
  • What that gentleman said brought the blushes to Lawrence's cheeks.

How To Use Gentleman In A Sentence?

  • He reared himself up, and licked his hand, which this gentleman put in through the grates.
  • He was a gentleman and a good sort, only unfortunately his mother was a German.
  • I will in with them: for I would not choose That our old gentleman should see me now.
  • The inquisitive gentleman being for the moment silenced, the old gentleman with the haunted head proceeded.
  • I suppose that this friendly young gentleman must have been the commissary clerk, or something of that sort.
  • In a word, she bullied the unfortunate gentleman unmercifully, and he kissed the rod with infatuation.
  • The servant seemed relieved by her arrival, for the old gentleman was not altogether an easy patient to nurse.
  • At precisely a quarter past eleven the door opened wide, and up came a gentleman in a white waistcoat.
  • Phillis had heard that a strange gentleman had arrived in the town this afternoon by the London stage.
  • The gentleman ought to have come a little sooner; but as the affair stands, you must do as he advises.
  • The old gentleman always used the expression "those people" for persons of whose opinions he disapproved.
  • The worthy gentleman did not know whether he stood on his head or his heels, and yet he is one of the chief men in the land!
  • They returned his salutation, giving the old gentleman a sociable slap on the back that made his heart leap into his throat.
  • And the old gentleman wagged his head in a blandly humorous manner, and made a little golden music with his bunch of seals.
  • He lived far within his income, was vulgar in his expenses, and penurious on many points on which a gentleman would be extravagant.
  • The girl seemed to be pointing out something to Csaky on the rocks above, and the worthy gentleman was beside himself for joy.
  • A gentleman of high rank has been missing for three weeks, or more; and his absence has given the greatest anxiety to these, his friends.

Definition of Gentleman

(chiefly historical) A man of gentle but not noble birth, particularly a man of means (originally ownership of property) who does not work for a living but has no official status in a peerage; (Britain law) an armiferous man ranking below a knight. | Any well-bred, well-mannered, or charming man. | (derogatory) An effeminate or oversophisticated man.
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