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  • Spence was genuinely affected.
  • She was genuinely aghast.
  • He seemed genuinely concerned.
  • He was genuinely affected by his own recital.
  • Worthing looked genuinely puzzled.
  • But that was said genuinely enough.
  • Yet she seemed genuinely pleased to see me.
  • He who is genuinely refined will be useful and happy.
  • On the other hand, he was genuinely curious about him.
  • In the next breath he felt genuinely guilty.
  • I, on the other hand, he found genuinely likeable.
  • The poetry and sentiment are genuinely Lombard.
  • Mrs. Stribling appeared genuinely amused by the mistake.
  • He had genuinely been in love with Madame von Marwitz.
  • She was very genuinely sorry for any one who had to be improper.
  • Work that is not genuinely loved cannot possibly be done well.
  • The proprietor seemed genuinely disturbed by the information.
  • Lloyd offered to assist, genuinely feeling concerned for her.
  • She was genuinely distressed by Huntington's attitude.
  • I honour pluck, and genuinely like you, for yourself, in spite of you.
  • Mrs. Forrester sat looking up at him, and she was genuinely aghast.
  • It pleased Rodney thus to give away whatever his friends genuinely admired.

How To Use Genuinely In A Sentence?

  • What is all-important is that she does shake the house with genuinely explosive humour.
  • She was genuinely hungry and for a few minutes devoted her attention to the matter in hand.
  • I was as genuinely converted to a new life as a sinner is converted to the Christian religion.
  • Two blocks farther, and their pace had so sensibly moderated that Kirkwood was genuinely alarmed.
  • In my youth I knew half a dozen persons of this class, to whom towns were genuinely abhorrent.
  • Introductions now followed all around and Ivan seemed genuinely pleased to meet Chester.
  • She laughed so genuinely that Beatrice told herself that Trudy was an unpardonable little fool.
  • Missy regarded her aunt reproachfully but helplessly; she was too genuinely upset for any repartee.
  • She was genuinely surprised to learn how eager she was for the game to begin so that she might gage his strength.
  • I have already said enough to satisfy any reasonable judge of evidence that this is a genuinely haunted house.
  • She was genuinely hurt, and thought she had reason to complain of the girl's ingratitude.
  • He had committed a theft of which he was genuinely sorry; and he was man enough to seek his rival and apologize.
  • She began genuinely to like him; he took her thoughts away from herself, while obviously always thinking of her.
  • The ghosts that sang in comical tableaux through the graveyard were equally convincing, genuinely witty and simultaneously creepy.
  • In any case, it seemed to this happy wife that he had done the one fatal and irreparable thing; and she was genuinely sorry for him.
  • He is a genuinely kind-hearted mortal, and has been a brother to me ever since I knew him.
  • Yet in his face was a deep, earnest, noble expression, for he was a monarch who had the welfare of his nation very deeply and genuinely at heart.
  • Lynda was never more her merry old self than she was at dinner; but she was genuinely relieved when Brace told her he was going out.

Definition of Genuinely

In a genuine manner; truthfully, truly.
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