Gesticulating In A Sentence

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  • He was gesticulating in the road.
  • Claude was talking and gesticulating ardently.
  • He was gesticulating and making a fearful fuss.
  • He walks the floor, gesticulating nervously.
  • The public was on its feet, gesticulating and vociferating.
  • He flung his arms up, gesticulating wildly.
  • Running and disappearing and gesticulating and waiting is happening.
  • Carroll shouted again and again, gesticulating wildly in his desperation.
  • The little weazened man was gesticulating wildly with that forefinger of his.
  • He saw the brothers moving about excitedly and gesticulating wildly.
  • Jerry saw his danger and was wildly gesticulating for his men to turn back.
  • They were rushing for the flag station, gesticulating as they came.
  • M. Renault himself bustled out into the rain, gesticulating excitedly.
  • I can see Mariette gesticulating frantically, at one end of the room.

How To Use Gesticulating In A Sentence?

  • Even his wounded fingers were forgotten for the moment, and he was gesticulating with both hands.
  • Or there is a fire, and whose is that pale and gesticulating form at the upper window?
  • He stood with his legs slightly apart, gesticulating with one hand as he talked.
  • The chauffeur got out, looked into the hood and straightened, gesticulating wildly.
  • They do well to drop the shade, to shut out the darkness, and the dim, gesticulating phantom.
  • I stood at the end of the piano, Wetter was gesticulating and muttering on the hearthrug.
  • He saw the Mohawk gesticulating and shouting to his men to stand fast and drive back the charge.
  • Just below her Max Harlberg was distributing pistols to a group of men, all gesticulating angrily.
  • All the people from the little village are on the shore, and are talking and gesticulating violently.
  • His cage was the centre of a clamouring, gesticulating horde of men and boys as it was dragged up the slope.
  • Moreover, these had already seen the schooner, for they were waving their arms and gesticulating wildly.
  • People stopped in the streets to look at the old man, who was walking so rapidly and gesticulating so excitedly.
  • He was muttering and gesticulating to himself; and on the gravel behind him he trailed along a huge steel trap and clinking chain.
  • The kitchen was filled with ragged ruffianly fellows, all gesticulating with all their limbs, and screeching with all their lungs.
  • He had seen them through the window, gesticulating with great energy, in the midst of an attentive group of very young men.
  • The man ceased gesticulating to wipe sweat from his stubbly jowl with the end of a Punjabi headdress.
  • An automobile had halted on a slight elevation and in it stood Moore and a taller man gesticulating as he spoke.
  • The clerk followed them, talking to himself and gesticulating with great animation, and they all soon disappeared in the dark windings of the mine.
  • The blood of the other native officers was aroused, and they surrounded the Americans gesticulating vigorously.
  • The priestesses gave chase to it, running round and round the house, clucking and gesticulating as if they were driving hens into a poultry-yard.
  • They all spoke together, gesticulating and growing angry; but he stood calm among them, as a rock stands in a storm.
  • Then leaping upon the track, she bounded on like a deer, shouting and gesticulating with redoubled energy now that the train appeared in sight.
  • A child lay on its stomach on each of these, wildly gesticulating with legs and arms while Roger played the garden hose on them.
  • The road from the station to the palace was deep in snow, and we walked up behind two men in ardent conversation, one of them gesticulating freely.
  • One man with a shirt of flaming red rushed among them, gesticulating wildly, and faintly to their ears came the raucous bellowing of his voice.
  • And on this stage was a table and a lamp, and the Italians grouped round the light, gesticulating and laughing.

Definition of Gesticulating

present participle of gesticulate
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