Gesticulation In A Sentence

How To Use Gesticulation In A Sentence?

  • His dark complexion and habit of rapid gesticulation bespoke his southern origin.
  • His black eyes softened and he leaned forward a little, using his hands in frequent gesticulation as he began to talk.
  • With a final gesticulation of vindictive, feminine joy, she succeeded in spilling the whole bottle of ink on the white bed-spread.
  • Then the pair of them stopped, Robert obviously unwilling, and began to talk with much gesticulation on both sides.
  • We could follow from their gestures what they were saying, for as they did not wish their prisoner to hear, their gesticulation was enlightening to us as to each other.
  • The old crone, who used much gesticulation in speaking, was so eager about her bargaining that she did not notice the approach of Lucius Lepine.
  • All this might have passed for a mere accidental caprice of the singer, had there not been something in her look, manner, and gesticulation that made it pointed and startling.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gesticulation | Gesticulation Sentence

  • He bowed, with an expressive gesticulation of the hand.
  • His attitude is dignified, and his gesticulation is full of noble simplicity.

Definition of Gesticulation

The act of gesticulating, or making gestures to aid expression of thoughts, sentiments or passion. | A gesture; a motion of the body or limbs when speaking, or in representing action or passion, and enforcing arguments and sentiments. | (dated) An odd or fanciful motion.
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