Get Behind In A Sentence

Definition of Get Behind

(idiomatic, transitive) to appreciate, to enjoy (Can we add an example for this sense?) | (idiomatic, narcotics) to have a trip or any pleasurable experience with drugs | To come to believe something; to change one's mind into a new position.

How To Use Get Behind In A Sentence?

  • The thinker must have both earnestness and penetration, if he is to get behind them.
  • I know what he has done; he has circled round so as to get behind me and get my scent.
  • I had stepped too far forward, and thus permitted one of the pack to get behind me.
  • If he could not make the devil get behind him, he at least could get behind the devil.
  • The first plan had been to get behind the band and to drive it slowly toward the entrance to the cave.
  • One of the three rode forward to stop my passage, and the other two rode round to the back of the thicket to get behind me.
  • Elkins lied manfully and when he looked to get in another shot his enemy was on the farther bank, moving up to get behind him.
  • No, and don't shove me over to the door; if you can't get behind me without doing that, stay where you are.
  • Let one man lead the horse, to keep him gentle, while the other gradually works back with the lines till he can get behind and drive him.
  • I had hardly been able to more than run the zipper up my shirt when the door opened and I had to dance like a fool to get behind it.
  • It did him good to meet a man who could get behind the sham skin of the world, and take it by the heels, and turn it a stunning fall.
  • He was trying to get behind the hunter so that the Merry Little Breezes would bring to him the dreaded man-scent.
  • If we would successfully analyse the theology which has come down to us, we must, as it were, get behind it and discover the elements of which it was composed.
  • He had not observed my approach, and I was careful to get behind the bush; being behind him, I approached him, unheard.
  • Why was not an army landed on the Gallipoli peninsula, to get behind the forts, or to attack them in the rear while the ships bombarded them from the sea?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Get Behind | Get Behind Sentence

  • She has time to get behind entrenchments.
  • Hey, you women get behind the camera!
  • Let me get behind you....
  • I suppose they get behind times out in Montana.
  • So they get behind large stones and shoot the Englishmen.
  • Here, help me to get behind something or I may be hit.
  • Me get behind tree; me hab got two, four, twenty ears.
  • He determined to get behind her diplomatic hints with frankness.
  • Naturally the friends were all eager to get behind the big guns.
  • Making a slight detour, the three friends managed to get behind them.
  • To get behind that impenetrable curtain, to learn why she hated her island.
  • I say, hadn't you better get behind the wood-pile again?
  • Now you get behind the Moon and hold her up through the next scene.
  • Players could surround him, almost; still, nobody could get behind him.
  • We'll get behind the house and creep up on them through the grass.
  • We must get behind things--to the causes.

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