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  • He must get up to reach them.
  • Whistle when you get up to the meadow in the canon.
  • If only he could get up to where the officers were enjoying themselves!
  • This was merely to show that boats could get up to that point.
  • Yet I could not get up to the church, I found myself again on the piazza.
  • It is a grand lot, and I am longing to get up to the Front and give them out.
  • By this time there's a crowd inside, but I manage to get up to the case.
  • But, George, I can't possibly get up to the Castle at eleven.

How To Use Get Up To In A Sentence?

  • Here it is as if each one had a personal enemy in the street below struggling to get up to him.
  • But we are in a hurry to get up to the house, and so we walk at once from the landing-place.
  • In that case we ought to get up to the wireless station and back in a couple of days.
  • She did not get up to see who it was, but lay perfectly still and heard her heart thump.
  • Skysails, royals, and staysails blew away before men could get up to furl them.
  • The pace quickens into a sharp run, the tail hounds all straining to get up to the lucky leaders.
  • We have a poor lady with us whom we are anxious to get up to London as quickly as possible.
  • When morning came, the slave was not able to get up to go about his work, and remained in bed.
  • However, Lisa had to get up to wait upon a lady who came in and wanted a pound of pork chops.
  • I had one, but the Goat broke it, using it for a step, you know, to get up to the next story.
  • In that case, by the help of the protuberances it would be possible if not easy to get up to the fork.
  • People they are you wouldn't believe as much as daylight from without you'd get up to have a look at it yourself.
  • They tell about a miner being seen there by everyone who goes down, and when you try to get up to him, he is not there.
  • The nearer we get up to the north magnetic pole of the earth, the more the pole of our needle is pulled down toward it.
  • Ten minutes of stiff fire fight ensues during which the other attacking platoons strive to get up to their positions in rear and rear flank.
  • It was with much difficulty that she could avoid making a promise to go to bed immediately, and not to get up to breakfast.
  • One of us had to get up to lay the stove and light the fire, and it was my chance of drawing approximately even with my brisk commander.
  • We flew back to the hospital; but there was a big convoy of ambulances just in, so that we could not get up to the main buildings.
  • She became obviously exhausted, did not get up to the net quickly enough, and her length got shorter and shorter.
  • He must dream that her house is on fire, and get up to save her, and walk into the barn and be kicked to death by her pet horse.
  • The clock in the tower struck seven; the cattle returned home; still he was not there, and she had to get up to look after the cows.
  • There will be nothing desperate done till we get up to their assistance," observed Hardman.
  • But meantime George didn't get up to draw his figure on the blackboard, though the rest did.
  • Everything was very new and very strange to me; and it would take me some time to get up to the ropes, you know, Warlock.
  • Rowena started, turned toward the door, made as if to get up to open it, and then sat down again, her face first flushed and then pale.
  • There were two bears, one by the hut and one by the shore; and Johansen could not get up to the one without being seen by the other.
  • And his temper exploded when he had to shout at the top of his lungs to attract the attention of the watchmen when they wanted to get up to the surface.
  • As the wind was from them to me, and as there were some low bushes, I expected to get up to them within gun-shot, before they perceived me.
  • However, the Americans were scarcely better off when they had taken Seltso, for their artillery now could not get up to them.
  • The reason, however, was, to enable the camels to get up to the new encampment; their progress, though regular and continual, is very slow.
  • Yura was about to get up to go into the arbour and there begin life anew, with an imperceptible transition from the old, when suddenly he heard voices in the arbour.
  • When these fancy starveling songs get up to the gate of heaven, how do you suppose they look, standing beside the great doxologies of the glorified?

Definition of Get Up To

To do something, especially something that is forbidden or improper.
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