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  • How are you getting along?
  • Evan was getting along so well.
  • He asked her how she were getting along.
  • It was getting along in the afternoon.
  • It was not easy getting along.
  • He seems to be getting along very well where he is.
  • How is my soldier boy getting along?
  • How did you say your writings were getting along?
  • The churning was getting along fine too.
  • It was getting along toward twilight.
  • It is getting along toward bedtime.
  • Malone, we were getting along famously.
  • I must be getting along, fellows.
  • I shall tell mother we are getting along famously.
  • I wonder how he's doing and how he's getting along.
  • I wonder how he's doing and how he's getting along.
  • What sort of 'getting along' was it which kept them here?
  • We are getting along religiously, as well as common.
  • Well, you are getting along remarkably well for recruits.
  • Getting along, coexistence, that sort of thing.
  • And, besides, we must be getting along on our trip.
  • Not terribly successful, you know, but getting along.
  • How are you getting along, Bert?
  • He wanted to see how Coonie was getting along.
  • I've let him think that I'm getting along all right.
  • I wonder how John and Sallie are getting along?
  • I wonder how May Tolman is getting along.
  • Well, I must be getting along, George.
  • How is Mr. John R. Pflanz getting along?
  • Now we're getting along.
  • I'd been getting along splendidly.
  • I'm getting along famously now.
  • If we lose them we shall have a difficulty in getting along.
  • She only noticed how well the object of it and her sister were getting along.
  • Are you getting along all right," she asked.
  • I really believed her, in spite of my success in getting along by myself.
  • I'm getting along all right this way, and so are you.

How To Use Getting Along In A Sentence?

  • The conservative man is invariably in favor of getting along with things as they are.
  • I must beg the young ladies to excuse me for not getting along as quickly as they did.
  • The best way to avoid growing old is not to be afraid of getting along in years.

Definition of Getting Along

present participle of get along
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