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  • He was getting an old man.
  • The neighbors are getting an injunction.
  • I am getting an old woman and my life is uncertain.
  • She called, without getting an answer.
  • Is it not cheering to find poor women getting an advance?
  • Freethinker is, however, getting an acceptable term.
  • I have succeeded in getting an appointment in Italy.
  • Really, I am getting an old man.
  • He had no difficulty in getting an interview with Sir John.
  • He's used to getting an earful from the pilots, I'll bet.
  • There's more than one way of getting an education.
  • He starts a whine in the hope of getting an audience through sympathy.
  • They say they have been calling for two hours without getting an answer.
  • Getting an early start in the morning, we struck out across the prairie.
  • He had given up all hope of getting an invitation from the Dambreuses.
  • With the hope of getting an ally, then, he turns to the subject of his anxiety.
  • Steve meant, because he had once watched Zircon getting an electrocardiogram.
  • Then he went to Africa after getting an image from someone, and died there.
  • Though he's getting an Old Boy now.
  • At the Roycroft Shop the workers are getting an education by doing things.
  • They were not Roman Catholics; but it was the only way of getting an education.
  • So for two days they jolted on hardly getting an hour's sleep.

How To Use Getting An In A Sentence?

  • As she had had no experience, there could be no possibility of her getting an engagement.
  • I pretended to be satisfied for the purpose of getting an opportunity of giving them the slip.
  • If we can succeed in getting an answer to the question, What makes the human automobile go?
  • Cyclist who succeeded in getting an avietter to fly one metre, October, 1912.
  • In any case, it was time to begin getting an expedition ready for Barathrum Spaceport.
  • There was from the first a conspiracy against him, and now he was cheated out of his last chance of getting an education.
  • Each obstacle he encountered in getting an education created in him an even stronger determination to gain one.
  • When he grew up he found out what he had missed by not getting an education, and he tried to make it up, but he could not.
  • He'll be getting an attack of the shakes in the morning, miss, after all this wetting.
  • If not published immediately our success in convention materially depends on my getting an immediate copy at Lecompton.
  • But when I rang the bell a dozen times without getting an answer it began to seem like a bad dream.
  • Should there be difficulty in getting an umpire who knows something of his work, I think the match should take care of itself.
  • That, surely, meant that he deserved what he was getting, an' how is it possible to deserve both condemnation an' forgiveness at the same time?
  • I never thought of getting an idea into Nell Blossom's stubborn head with those tools.
  • Taking advantage of his liberty to pass the guards, he succeeded in getting an audience with Jefferson Davis himself.
  • Imagine my surprise and gratification on receiving an answer by return mail to the effect that he also had been getting an increasing number of patients suffering with the same identical symptoms as my own.
  • If I could have laid the anxiety of my diminishing bank account and the dread of not getting an engagement, I should have been almost happy.
  • I fear I could not find time to go out and give lessons, even if I succeeded in getting an engagement.
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