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  • Is there no way of getting there?
  • Getting there had first priority.
  • The getting there was very long and tiring.
  • Or at least rapidly getting there.
  • There were two ways of getting there.
  • About the only practical way of getting there is by plane.
  • The nicest things have a way of getting there.
  • I nearly broke my neck getting there.
  • Only not now, because I'm afraid we're just getting there.
  • Getting there is harder work than bricklaying or journalism.
  • I'm not taking any chances on getting there again.
  • Why, he had not dreamed of getting there the very first season.
  • But on getting there his purpose changed; temptation was too strong.
  • All these things take time to regulate, but we are getting there.
  • That might easily save us a good many minutes in getting there.
  • Still, it's your quiet bushmen and ours who'll do the getting there.
  • Well, he was getting there, even though he had taken the hard way.
  • HARE: I will run to the brook and back while you are getting there.
  • But he was wounded, and in that lay Durham's hope of getting there before him.
  • The news, the gossiping eternal, You're always sure of getting there.

How To Use Getting There In A Sentence?

  • Getting there through the communication trenches was as difficult as in the winter.
  • I remarked that they would have trouble in getting there without being arrested.
  • I had some difficulty in getting there through the troops which guarded the surrounding streets.
  • What is the cost of getting there, and would it be necessary that my wife should go there too?
  • May no "gentle reader" who scans these pages repeat our experience in getting there.
  • The two most important features of the Derby are getting there and getting away again.
  • About a league before getting there the launch San Jose struck a submerged log, which scared us.
  • After the closing of the rivers by winter there was no other way of getting there except to journey across the country.
  • But she was so long of getting there that the guests began to be impatient, and said that perhaps she was not coming at all.
  • He could count on getting there first and having time to make his dispositions for the round-up of the gang.
  • But he was not back in Espanola yet, and his means for getting there were crumbling away beneath his feet.
  • He stayed there three days, and then posted to Portsmouth, getting there early on the morning of the 7th.
  • Mr. Denton wished them to make an extended stay at his plantation, and the boys decided to take their own time in getting there.
  • Fred took advantage of the opportunity and examined him narrowly as to his knowledge of German East and ways of getting there.
  • The place is very good for the establishment of missions but there remains the difficulty of getting there except by boat through the narrow passages mentioned above.
  • While the other woman's doing her hair, and arranging her dress, and thinking what to say, Paddy'll be getting there.
  • Starting to his feet and followed by Ike, Sam went down to the stream, getting there just as the two men reached the bottom.
  • It was like a stampede in a burning theater; the desperate eagerness of every person in the crowd to get on the bridge stopped almost any one from getting there.
  • A vague queer feeling of her being about something wrong, not merely in the circumstances of her getting there, but in the occasion itself, haunted her with a sort of superstition.
  • I rode down one evening to see the droll performance, and getting there ahead of the milkers found the bare knoll of the pasture peopled with ground squirrels and owls.
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