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  • Fancy getting your feet in that stuff!
  • How can you prevent others from getting your sickness?
  • Gratters on getting your Christian name, you know!
  • For getting your work done And crossing your forehead.
  • You're getting your thanks now.
  • You're certain of getting your leave now.
  • She thought only of you, only of getting your inheritance for you.
  • While you are getting your bearings you can establish a wireless watch.
  • You feel that you are getting your money's worth.
  • A week ago you should have been moving about getting your bodily strength back.
  • But just now I'm interested in getting your father to take up this work.
  • Rastus is getting your horse
  • And prevents you from getting your gun,
  • And you'd be getting your money's worth while you were doing it
  • You are not afraid of getting your hands dirty?"

How To Use Getting Your In A Sentence?

  • Since getting your telegram few minutes ago realize it may have been your airplane.
  • Remember the life of a rat may depend upon your getting your ferret out quickly.
  • While you and your brother were getting your information from him he got your weapons from both of you.
  • Even after you have succeeded in getting your ordinance passed, you may have trouble in having it enforced.
  • Politeness iz the science ov gitting down on your knees before folks without getting your pantaloons dirty.
  • You're getting your results every day; you see your mistakes and your successes.
  • You will go about everywhere, as though to see the sights of the city and as if bent on getting your fill of pleasure.
  • There ought to be an end to the tyranny under which you suffer, but you are going the wrong way about getting your wrongs righted.
  • Never allow, if you can possibly prevent, anybody to announce you to speak without consulting you and getting your consent.
  • It would mean getting your nose right down into the books, putting your whole soul into it, and giving up a lot of playtime.
  • There's no getting your eye in; the next word may bowl you out; it's batting in a bad light all through.
  • But, child, you may set your heart on getting your own will, and you may get it; and, if you do, it will be bitterness to you.
  • Well, there were, of course; on that side of the ivory doors you cannot wish for anything as hard as Sara did without getting your wish.
  • Equity consists in getting your share from the Universal Swine-Trough, and part of another's.
  • Downes will be more vicious than ever after that job, and you see, master, you are like to run a goodish risk of getting your head broke and of being hauled off to jail.
  • Who was it said there is no tragedy like not getting your wish--except getting it?
  • But Wendy noticed with gentle concern that Peter did not seem to know that this was rather an odd way of getting your bread and butter, nor even that there are other ways.
  • I should say that for any one who, like myself, never had to go within a certain distance of the position, there could be no more gentlemanly way of getting your baptism of fire than on a Tibetan battlefield.
  • And of course all your days you're fighting on not one but a thousand battle lines to keep your rivals from getting your business away from you.
  • Her voice shook suddenly as she said, "What do you mean about the Night Riders getting your father?
  • In spite of all you can do in the way of avoiding soililoquies and getting your characters on and off the stage in a dramatic manner, a time will come when you realize sadly that your play is not a bit like life after all.
  • Even if you get through with your project without being disturbed, it is as likely as not that the day for getting your clothes washed being a movable feast, you will have nothing to put on that will not seem a defilement to your freshly polished skin.
  • But in the most precious and perfect work each leaf is inlaid, and the blue worked round it; and, whether you use one or other mode of getting your result, it is equally necessary to be absolute and decisive in your laying the color.
  • That is one of the reasons why I like writing to you and getting your letters; only you mustn't be offended at my bracketing you, you splendid young man, with poor Vicki and poor myself in the class Unwise.
  • Those of my readers who know what boarding-school life is to-day, will think this a very funny way of getting your food; and so it was, but, you must remember, this was in 1714, one hundred and eighty years ago, and every thing then was very different to what it is now.
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