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How To Use Ghastly In A Sentence?

  • And of the triumphs of his ghastly foe Makes his own nourishment.
  • At this, a little figure with a ghastly face rose from the farther side of the bed.
  • Roderick had lifted the heavy head, and turned the ghastly face to the waning light.
  • He turned the ghastly thing until it lay face-upward in his hands, and so at last he saw it.
  • The shepherd could not stand the sight, and as he rose to go away his face was ghastly white.
  • It was a ghastly idea, and I squelched it with a promptness that was almost rude.
  • Another rocket went up, and by its ghastly blaze I caught a glimpse of the captain.
  • Her face was ghastly pale, and perhaps rendered still more so by the Blueish light of the fire.
  • Beneath the skull cap was a thin, ascetic face, ghastly yellow in the moonlight. ...
  • But even this accident did not disturb the gravity of the rest of the ghastly boat's crew.
  • The mother could picture it only too vividly, and she felt sick at the thought of the ghastly peril.
  • The hills were visible but for a moment, gleamed ghastly in the last light, and were then covered with mist.
  • As he opened the door leading into the sitting-room the fitful gleam of the dying embers cast a ghastly light over the face of a corpse.
  • Once more we stood together in that state bedroom where Marmaduke had suffered such ghastly terrors when a boy.
  • The ponderous banks of rolling steel-grey clouds, which had only just been conquered by a battling sun, gave a ghastly beauty to its wildness.
  • Rix turns ghastly white; his bloodshot eyes stare fearfully at his informant, then blink savagely around on one after another of the party.
  • On they came in countless legions, on, on, and on, one after another, each vying with the other in ghastly horridness.
  • Time had not, of course, improved its appearance, which was ghastly in the extreme, but still plainly recognisable by the eye of affection.
  • We learn geology the morning after the earthquake, on ghastly diagrams of cloven mountains, upheaved plains, and the dry bed of the sea.
  • The turbaned graves, with their coffin-like slabs, peer forth, ghastly white, from among the dark weeping-willows.
  • At the bedroom door appeared the entire household, Robertson leading the way, his usually ruddy face ghastly with astonishment.
  • Nothing in all the room, I remember, looked pallid or fretted except the great, ghastly white face of the clock.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ghastly | Ghastly Sentence

  • But it was a ghastly company.
  • Very ghastly were their wounds.
  • They look a ghastly host now.
  • How charitably she treats that ghastly experience!
  • His face was ghastly in the yellow lamplight.
  • They seemed to be acting a murder in ghastly pantomime.
  • With a ghastly effort the man made his retort.
  • Still the ghastly edges of the terrible wound did not develop.
  • The other staggered back and his face turned a ghastly white.
  • I thought not of the ghastly fate prepared for me by my unknown enemies.
  • He looked over the ghastly empty city and announced his mind to it.
  • God knew what ghastly unforgettable bones might be turned up!
  • It jarred upon our nerves, but it also explained to us the ghastly truth.
  • The light of his lantern fell on the ghastly white face, the disordered hair.
  • He was ghastly pale, staring with wide-open eyes at the horrible spot.
  • Poor Ghastly instantly resumed his seat, with a chagrined and melancholy air.
  • But of all the dead, there was none so ghastly as Josh Hicks.
  • Her brother's face looked so ghastly pale that it frightened her.

Definition of Ghastly

Like a ghost in appearance; death-like; pale; pallid; dismal. | Horrifyingly shocking. | Extremely bad.
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