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  • He had a gift that we lacked.
  • He seemed to have such a gift for it.
  • She possessed the gift of simplicity.
  • Why should she not take the gift thus held out to her?
  • She made the discovery of her gift quite by accident.
  • Is it a gift from God?
  • It was a gift from Mary Oliphant.
  • My little English dog, the gift of a friend, followed us.
  • Will not this gift be very acceptable To Thais, think you?
  • But this man was very old and gentle and his gift seemed simple too.
  • It had also a good collection of books, the gift of Charlemagne.
  • She also gave her a horse named Falada, which had the gift of speech.
  • No richer gift has Autumn poured From out her lavish horn.
  • Take this, slave, as a reward For the fine gift you sent us; so, farewell!
  • The problem of the disposal of Joan's well-meaning gift was now solved.
  • A Series of Gift Books specially suitable for Sunday-School Prizes.

How To Use Gift In A Sentence?

  • We recognize this gift and are proud of our nicknames, when we can get them to suit us.
  • As a gift to a : - man friend nothing is more appreciated.
  • They gave as well as received, and the value of the gift depended on the character of the giver.
  • She never used large words, but she had a natural gift for making small ones do effective work.
  • Richard Darcy was free to exercise to the full his gift for being agreeable, without afterthought.
  • And as you have not the Gift of noble Poetry, say nothing more, than that the.
  • In the end, however, by the gift of circumstance, Haidee came to 68th Street after all.
  • Aye, and if you knew The gift he sends to be compar'd with this, You'd cry alas, indeed!
  • He had taken advantage of the opportunity which the gift of the cake presented to send her a note of thanks and appreciation.
  • For once in her life she had got what she wanted, and the gift had not turned to dust and ashes in her hand.
  • Ulric lay down upon the sand and wept, for he knew that the gift for which he had sought so long was not for him.
  • Did he possess some magic gift of personality which caused the artificial, the counterfeit, to wither in his presence?
  • Bernhardi, a mere retired general of cavalry with a gift for incisive writing, woke up to find himself famous.
  • Pray give my service to her, and tell her from me she has not cast her gift in a broken sack, as something more than words shall show.
  • In the winter we could stand him, because he wore shoes then, and his great gift was hidden from our sight and we were enabled to forget it.
  • An idea logically developed by one possessing the sense of form and the gift of style is what we look for in the Short-story.
  • Not so much with the gift itself, as that By you 'twas given: but therein she triumphs.
  • Not so much with the gift itself, as that By you 'twas given: but therein she triumphs.
  • Joan was young to understand such things; but at her birth the fairies had given her the cruel gift of seeing out of the eyes of others....
  • The life of the virtuous citizen is the gift of God, and no earthly power has the authority to take it for any such purpose.
  • Only Val, privileged by love, must have the gift of a share in his torment, the right to hear his swears.
  • In direct contrast with Virchow, I lack alike the gift and the training for it, as well as taste and vocation.
  • Oh, isn't there something terrible in his parting with these two books, my gift and dear Mary's gift, and at such a time?
  • But he had not the same gift for finance as for salesmanship, and took little joy in his new honors; except for the additional increase in his salary.

Definition of Gift

(transitive) To give as a gift or donation. | (transitive) To give away, to concede easily. | Something given to another voluntarily, without charge.
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