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  • Scott was a man of gigantic proportions.
  • It was like the impact of a gigantic hammer.
  • A gigantic Moor stood at the head of this troop.
  • A Man of Gigantic Stature is revived from Death.
  • A gigantic tree had fallen across the stream, forming a natural dam.

How To Use Gigantic In A Sentence?

  • It was the same gigantic vault that was closed down just prior to the great holocaust.
  • Fur and cloaks passed in rapid succession before the gigantic porter at the entrance.
  • Never had he sensed such gigantic power under him, and he felt exalted to the skies.
  • The various gigantic enterprises he served as president or director occupied most of his time.
  • We now had great trees of ivy, we had the evergreen oak, and occasionally gigantic tulip-trees.
  • Hence it was, that vegetation, gigantic almost beyond conception, covered its surface.
  • This is a splendid member of the group of which the gigantic Attacus Atlas of China is a type.
  • Here I giggled as I recalled the gigantic figure of Dinah Shadd when she handed me my shirt.
  • Individuals were most readily observed on the buttresses of some of the gigantic mahogany and ceiba trees.
  • Vegetation itself became more complicated, and as it approached perfection lost its gigantic growth.
  • With a few quick strides, he crossed the intervening space until he stood on the brink of a gigantic dam.
  • The guns looked more like gigantic cranes than like the accepted form of a great rifled piece of armament.
  • The only shelter available, with any degree of safety offered to them was a gigantic bird's nest.
  • It was like nothing so much as the croaking of some gigantic frog, risen bellowing from a bottomless primeval swamp.
  • The passengers in the trams and buses craned their necks, anxious to read the gigantic advertisement before they were carried out of sight.
  • This was the era of gigantic vegetable growth, and it had its uses; for it was preparing the way for higher and more complicated existences.
  • For many months, the gigantic struggle then imminent, had been painfully discernible to far-seeing men.
  • Over his head the wind is wrestling with a gigantic purple banner, the huge dependent gold tassels of which it can only raise with difficulty.
  • A gigantic form was leaning against the foot of the bed with his arms folded, and as the young man awoke, he turned round.
  • Did you ever think what gigantic strides the world has made within the memory of men now living, and who are yet unwilling to be counted as old?
  • Two gigantic battles on the same spot in such a short space of time; two great victories over the French.
  • Fallen trees, the spoil of many centuries, but untouched by the hand of man, lie rotting there in gigantic heaps.
  • The road wound up through quaint-looking hills, doubled one into another, like the upturned knuckles of some gigantic hand.
  • It has no business among these mountains, these rivers and lakes, these gigantic boulders, these tangled valleys and dark mountain gorges.
  • Into the arena proudly leaped a glowing-eyed gigantic brute, with tawny coat and heavy mane, the hungry king of the forest.
  • In no previous century have efforts on so gigantic a scale been made to put the Book in the hands of every one who could read it.
  • The natives thought it a house; but the Englishman saw that they had come upon the remains of some gigantic creature of a past age.
  • It was under one of these gigantic trees, according to old stories, that Kidd the pirate buried his treasure.
  • Having placed the next slip of glass in its place I myself perceived them, horrid creatures of gigantic stature clutching at their victims.
  • Yet every time her fretted lips straightened out in some semblance of Peace, her whole head would suddenly explode in one gigantic sneeze.
  • Some years since, a gigantic specimen came ashore at Lynn beach, where for a long time it formed an object of the greatest curiosity.
  • They absolutely refuse to blend with the old, warm, grey stone, and stand out, stark and stiff, like an array of gigantic slate pencils.
  • With admirable energy and with perfect clarity of vision he addressed himself to the gigantic task, the general plan of which and many of the details had been thought out long before.
  • The war endorsed its every word for me, underlined each warning indication of the gigantic dangers that gathered against our system across the narrow seas.
  • The mountains that tower straight up into the clouds around the undulating plain on which the town stands form a glorious natural amphitheater about an arena for gigantic dramas.

Definition of Gigantic

Very large. | In the manner of a giant.
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