Giggles In A Sentence

Definition of Giggles

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of giggle | plural of giggle | (with "the") An attack of uncontrolled giggling.

How To Use Giggles In A Sentence?

  • But as worthy Allan Gordon had never set up a claim to dignity, the giggles only amused him.
  • She sticks a flower in them, Mac, s'help me, and then giggles foolish an' ducks into the bush.
  • She could hear from their suppressed giggles that they found the robing nearly the most amusing part of the performance.
  • He did not seem to take my observation ill, but passed it off with one of his characteristic giggles of laughter.
  • A young man vaulted lightly upon the platform, followed by giggles and slangy words of encouragement.
  • Polly read, but not without giggles and many a lifted eyebrow when she came to the extra fine phrases of love-making.
  • The lady bookkeeper, glancing down from her glass eyrie on the inside balcony, took one look and buried her giggles in the day book.
  • Finally with a calm, venerable, haughty air, amid giggles and suppressed laughter, my lord stalked off behind the scene.
  • There was one Sunday evening, however, when the gloom was somewhat lightened; and when giggles supplanted sobs.
  • I had entirely forgotten them when their giggles wrenched me back into the present; but their great pride was never to forget themselves and always to be ready to imitate the coach in cold blood.
  • Dodo had subsided into hopeless giggles over this remarkable tirade against the anemic generation and Edith plucked at her double-bass again as she concluded with this exclamation of scorn.
  • They took their seats at one of the marble tables, and with very large eyes and innumerable giggles gave their order, and then there never before was such splendid ice cream!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Giggles | Giggles Sentence

  • There were giggles from the other beds.
  • A tempest of paper-wads, badinage and giggles greeted her.
  • For a time Missy joined in their honourable pursuit of giggles and badinage.
  • Occasionally, also, I heard suppressed giggles from Saccharissa at the window.
  • Lena's giggles and Ida's "Lee-na, stop your talk and go to work!...

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