Giggling In A Sentence

How To Use Giggling In A Sentence?

  • She was giggling and making eyes as if she were at a party or a movie show instead of in church.
  • Nor was the laughter the giggling kind, indulged in when the forelady was not looking.
  • Besides which, what sane person would be out of bed and giggling at such an hour?
  • I could hear a great deal of giggling among the girls, and scolding by the elder women.
  • A lady tourist, giggling self-consciously, climbed up on the blanket-covered saddle.
  • Quite unabashed, and giggling at the incident, Ruth took a back seat with Polly and Dodo.
  • A few soldiers might be seen talking to giggling nursemaids, but the one face he hungered to see did not reveal itself.
  • As we were about to undress we heard scuffling and giggling which drew our attention to another drawback, one to which we would not submit.
  • I saw teacher looking at it, sort of puzzled, as if she was wondering what it all was about, and some of the girls were giggling at it.
  • When he sat down next to another boy and looked at the girls whispering and giggling together, he almost wished he had not come.
  • The enjoyment was surreptitious, but possibly all the more keen, and sounds of whispering and giggling surged out of every crevice.
  • In the meantime Sybarina and several other women of the tribe were reading the futures of the giggling country girls.
  • The girl rested uneasily in an effort of obedience, with her eyes screwed tight-shut, giggling expectantly.
  • She was annoyed with Rodd because he was exasperated by the silly giggling of the servant-girls and the raffish capers of the young man.
  • At her open desk were her four favourite pupils, giggling over the photograph which Hope held aloft.
  • I held out a silver ten-ore piece in each hand, and with a good deal of embarrassed giggling they approached and took the tiny pieces of silver.
  • Barentsz had been discovered in the darkness of the first watch trying to embrace poor giggling weakwitted Manuel like a woman.
  • The lovers sat in one corner, drinking from one glass, and very particular to drink from the same side, and giggling to themselves.
  • She had a tail behind her of heavy, obsequious old gentlemen, or dull, giggling misses, to whom she appeared to be an oracle.
  • Dr. McLean always insisted that it was continuous giggling that kept them all from freezing that bitter night.
  • So, after breakfast, the catboats loaded up, the girls giggling and screaming, and the men boarders dressed in what they hoped was sea-togs.
  • When Lila saw her, she was giggling with her head bent down and her napkin over her eyes, while the other girls at that table smiled amused smiles.
  • Then the three put their heads together and with a lot of giggling and chuckling they planned their joke on Grandfather Frog.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Giggling | Giggling Sentence

  • Genevieve was whispering and giggling again.
  • There was giggling and the kissing of adieux.
  • It lay there giggling softly to itself.
  • But she stopped to ask a giggling question.
  • The spinster cousin was giggling like a girl.
  • Giglets, giggling youngsters or maids.
  • He posed the shamefaced and giggling boy and set to work.
  • Then he took to giggling in a shy, self-conscious manner.
  • There's Matty, she's off giggling again.
  • I want The Kid, giggling insanely at his own silly jokes.
  • Suppressed giggling in the young people's corner.
  • His lessons therefore were a giggling joy from beginning to end.
  • We sat there giggling for 15 minutes while he tried to find it.
  • He hobbled about, giggling at nothing and at peace with all the world.
  • In the corner, the rubbery block was still giggling to itself.
  • There was gaiety and bad temper, giggling and quarrelling amongst the women.
  • The boy rabbits were giggling at me, too, which I did not mind so much.

Definition of Giggling

present participle of giggle | The act of producing giggles; high-pitched laughter
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