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  • Lessingham took it gingerly in his fingers.
  • Urquhart took the paper gingerly and did not look at it.
  • Lorinda held the doll gingerly in her fingers.
  • Penny rolled out of bed and gingerly picked it up.
  • I stole gingerly in the direction he indicated.
  • Rather gingerly the girls entered the old house again.
  • Removing his shirt, he felt gingerly of his left shoulder.
  • The dons went very gingerly with him over bits of science and history.
  • The professor undid the wrappings in a somewhat gingerly manner.
  • He took the branch and gingerly dropped the hook into the dancing pool.
  • Miss Maggie had taken the letter and the picture rather gingerly in her hands.
  • I demanded petulantly, as he came near, gingerly stepping from stone to stone.

How To Use Gingerly In A Sentence?

  • We did not dare refuse but we each held our lozenge very gingerly in our hands.
  • The two boys moved gingerly up to the hatchway that led down to the forecastle.
  • They were stiff, and he walked gingerly in his socks to the fire to thaw them out.
  • He dipped a glass rod in the warm solution and applied it gingerly to his tongue.
  • Pete eyed it longingly, finally picked it up and stole gingerly to the doorway.
  • To be too careful, too gingerly over the separate life, brings it all to a standstill.
  • They were baked so hot that barefoot urchins hopped gingerly from one patch of shade to the next.
  • He touched his fingers gingerly to the bandaged side, wincing even with the gesture.
  • He lay down in his underclothing, having first gingerly turned back the blanket to the foot.
  • In minutes he held a tiny cup in a furry small paw and sipped gingerly at the hot liquid.
  • Cynthia, perched gingerly on the edge of a rickety chair, nodded a vigorous assent.
  • Finally Bowser reached out, and with his nose gingerly touched the prickly ball.
  • He seated himself gingerly on the edge of the chair she indicated, looking everywhere but at Joan.
  • And, then, gingerly descending the rickety steps, Kenny remembered that the corncrib was his.
  • But Peter, lifting and planting his little feet gingerly and exactly, never stumbled.
  • Fenn gingerly removed the paper in which it was wrapped, as he did not wish to injure the precious contents.
  • She switched off the telepather and gingerly removed the wires from his head, frowning worriedly at him.
  • The woman took the envelope gingerly in the wet thumb and finger that still grasped a bit of the gingham apron.
  • O'Meara cleared his throat and began gingerly to undo the handkerchief on his hand.
  • He watched me with intense interest, while I gingerly approached the edge of the slippery declivity and started down.
  • So high were the trees piled that at times the boys walked ten feet in air, making their way gingerly along the slender trunks.
  • McGuire tried gingerly to move his arms and legs; they were still functioning though stiff and weak from disuse.
  • The dog continued to look, and, as we edged gingerly past him and up the veranda steps, he turned his head and kept on looking.
  • He stuck his stick under his waistcoat by way of the collar, and climbed the wall with gingerly care, giving his sound foot all the hard work.
  • The second lion had hardly gone when Coutlass descended gingerly from the rock, peering about him, and listening.
  • An Eastern rider would ride his horse very gingerly and at a walk, and then thank his lucky stars if he escaped stumbles.
  • In less than fifteen minutes, Grenville was gingerly untwisting the hot copper wire that bound each mold together.
  • The Chinese, officially dead, replaced the sheet gingerly on his knees, as if it were an instrument of wickedness.

Definition of Gingerly

very careful or cautious. | In a delicate and cautious manner.
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