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  • In modern commercial cotton production ginning machines are always used.
  • In order to obtain the fibre, the cotton is passed through a ginning machine.

How To Use Ginning In A Sentence?

  • This fact is important when ginning and selling it, and greatly increases its value.
  • Now, however, ginning is a distinct business, and one gin will serve on an average about thirty farmers.
  • Instead of ginning two or three bales of cotton a day, as at Pontotoc, they ginned six to seven bales here.
  • Up to 1760 the same primitive ginning machine was used in England as had been used in India for many, many years.
  • They are called "stainers" because their excrement is yellow and stains the fibre; also if crushed during the process of ginning they give the cotton a reddish coloration.
  • This machine, under various modifications, is employed for ginning the greater portion of the cotton grown in the Southern States of America.

Definition of Ginning

present participle of gin | The act of removing seeds from cotton with a cotton gin.
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