Girded In A Sentence

Definition of Girded

simple past tense and past participle of gird

How To Use Girded In A Sentence?

  • Each of them girded on a sword, to defend themselves against the perils of the way.
  • He continually girded her to explain what he chose to call her infatuation for the other man.
  • He had at last girded up his loins like a man and determined to know his doom.
  • Eliphalet girded up his loins, and sharpened his nasal twang to cope with hers.
  • A firmer purpose spread among them, and they girded up their loins for another conflict.
  • The little boat reached the shore, a lonely beach girded by blocks of reddish granite.
  • The horses, looming gigantic through the fog, winced as the cold harness was girded on them.
  • He was to sleep in a linen shirt, drawers, and hose, and girded with a small girdle.
  • He girded himself for service and openly, publicly, observed by all, taught the Faith.
  • The valet obeyed, and I girded on my sword again, put on my kepi, and went downstairs.
  • Behold the ordnance on their carriages, With fatal mouths gaping on girded Harfleur.
  • Twelve legions girded with angelic sword Stood at His beck, the scorned and buffeted.
  • As Spain weakened, Cuba girded and strengthened herself, and made herself ready to stand alone.
  • Up rose the Fathers all; In haste they girded up their gowns, And hied them to the wall.
  • When a rebel battery opened out in the distance they girded themselves in expectation of an order to charge it.
  • This people need no weapons of destruction, inasmuch as they have girded themselves to reconstruct the world.
  • Roth girded his loins with his sabre, and both of them went clattering down the stone stairs of the barracks.
  • Apafi immediately threw his attila over his shoulders, girded on his sword, and stepped into the reception-room.
  • Not being expected to be merely ornamental, they have girded themselves for work, instead of adorning their bodies only for play.
  • He put on the giant's apparel, black as night, and girded on his sword of light.
  • A rope girded his loins, and notwithstanding the cold, his bare feet had no other protection than leather sandals.
  • He wore a cluster of broken peacock feathers in his hat and girded at his side was the broken hilt of an old sword without a blade.
  • Under one of the graceful pines, which girded the long stadium, he recovered breath and looked at leisure upon his new acquaintances.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Girded | Girded Sentence

  • I girded myself for the struggle.
  • She girded herself for war.
  • Parlay chuckled and girded at his departing guests.
  • Thou hast girded me with strength into the battle.
  • How many have been girded and helmeted in her halls?
  • Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning.
  • Loins girded for the desert, staff in hand.
  • And dwell securely, girded round with love.
  • Mr. Gateward had girded on one of the same pattern.
  • And in time she girded at the restraints of playing nurse and vitality giver.
  • The waist is girded with a broad silken band folded many times round the body.
  • In haste they girded up their gowns, And hied them to the wall.
  • Let us get to work, bare-headed, and girded with our plain leather straps.
  • And I girded myself with a clean towel, which was made of coarse cloth.
  • She girded up her sorrowful bones, And rifted the walls and the marble stones.
  • Deacon, in girded alb, amice, stole over left shoulder, book in left hand.
  • The ship's company girded up its loins and awaited further orders.

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