Girds In A Sentence

How To Use Girds In A Sentence?

  • The faith which is returning to men girds at veils and shadows, and would see God plainly.
  • When we love Woman raises us to the level of Love and girds on us the armour that wards our own weakness from us.
  • The husband produces it from the left sleeve of his dress; and the wife receives it in the right sleeve of her dress, and girds it on for the first time.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Girds | Girds Sentence

  • Wherewith the spirit girds itself around!
  • That girds thee with power and with pride.
  • That girds the Sea of Sleep.
  • Tolosa, girds on sword of Don Quixote, 14.
  • I pity the young man when he first girds himself for the real duties of life.
  • The high wall girds it on the land side, and makes it perfectly secluded.

Definition of Girds

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of gird | plural of gird
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