Girlishly in a sentence

Definition of Girlishly

In a girlish manner.

Short Example Sentence for Girlishly

  • 1. She was not girlishly sweet.
  • 2. Rather girlishly she essayed to combat it.
  • 3. The light of the blaze was on her face, appealingly soft and girlishly sweet.
  • 4. As she hurried down the street, all aglow once more, she felt girlishly happy.
  • 5. She was so frail, so girlishly sweet and desirable, that Lem uttered an oath.

How to use Girlishly in a Sentence?

  • 1. In her new and lovely clothes she was very pretty, very witty, almost girlishly charming.
  • 2. She was very splendid, her slenderness accentuated by the length of satin swathed about her, from which her shoulders emerged, girlishly fragile.
  • 3. Her eyes gleamed with the old, frank look, her cheeks were rosy, and she walked girlishly as she came forward.
  • 4. Suddenly she gave a little happy laugh, the first for hours that seemed already months, then leapt up girlishly and ran to her bureau.
  • 5. So far as her figure could be seen, while seated, it appeared slight and delicate, without fragility, girlishly immature, yet not lean in form.