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  • You can help your girls to help themselves.
  • Brothers take girls to their parents.
  • You must have girls to dance with.
  • Happily they are both too good girls to need prying.
  • I promised the girls to go down to them in the garden.
  • He then walked with the girls to the spiked fence.
  • And down ran the girls to see what was the matter.
  • But it took some time for the girls to quiet down.
  • This book is for boys and girls to read for themselves.
  • Q, entrance for girls to the same.
  • We must introduce the girls to our neighbors.
  • It was hopeless for the girls to try to catch the auto now.
  • He held out an opened sheet for the girls to see.
  • The brownies never wanted any girls to see them.
  • Dick stopped suddenly and called to the girls to halt.
  • Ten and eleven is a common age for girls to be married.
  • And he held the sheet of paper for the girls to see.
  • Tell the girls to go slow on the piano playing.
  • I will see all the girls to-morrow and classify them.
  • He orders his sons to dance and girls to sing.
  • Sarah took the little girls to a flower-shop hard by.
  • They waited for the girls to go home, but they did not go.
  • Fire Girls to the rescue!
  • I want all of the girls to know Melissa.
  • I wrote, you know, asking them to bring the girls to us.
  • Miss Beckwith begged the girls to listen politely.
  • And tell the Yoshiwara girls to burn a stick for him.
  • She wanted the girls to accept Janet on her own merit.
  • On Sunday we may follow the college girls to church.
  • Shall I give a tea and ask the girls to meet them?
  • It's a nice way for girls to live, a lot of 'em together.
  • C, entrance for girls to the High School.
  • The L.C.C. is training munition girls to be cooks.
  • The girls to home?
  • I don't want any of my own girls to be lost.

How To Use Girls To In A Sentence?

  • Tell the girls to drop in occasionally and see me in my incarceration.
  • I told my boys and girls to march up this way with the band.
  • It's right for growing girls to wear.
  • There were certainly plenty of items for the girls to put down on their lists.
  • There are some things too sacred for little girls to tell their mothers.
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