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  • To whom should he give it?
  • Why should we give ourselves any concern about sin?
  • He too will give a good account of himself.
  • Thou canst not give me fresh love.
  • Of course you can rely on me to give it every chance.
  • I'd give 'im just one afternoon.
  • I'll not give up my house.
  • I'll give him my name and take his.
  • One of my heydukes will give you his, which you must mount at once.
  • It shall be my pleasure to attend to you, to give you all your desire.
  • Why, then, should we give ourselves any concern about the matter?
  • But we shall give his own words, and permit the reader to judge for himself.
  • We want war, he doesn't, and we must give way.
  • You cannot want it all: give us one slice, only one little slice!
  • I will give you the most exemplary satisfaction," returned the enraged Prince.

How To Use Give In A Sentence?

  • It is to call them to give an account of talents never committed to their charge.
  • The seats were like those which give a garden-like appearance to the tops of some omnibuses.
  • Why did he not give his creatures the power to do evil, and yet withhold this power from them?
  • Julia says that we shall then be able to afford to give fifty pounds a year for a house.
  • We are not to suppose from this, however, that he forbears to give a definition of liberty.
  • We assume this position advisedly, and shall proceed to give the reasons on which it is based.
  • He would give her all things; but she was dying for him, and he could not save her.
  • He halts his little army outside the village, to give the rearmost time to come up.
  • But Rose could not give him the sympathy he wanted; and to be alone was almost a relief.
  • Shame, shame upon you all! who give wine to the Prince in order to ask blood of him.
  • We shall dismiss it with a single reply, and that we shall give in the language of John Foster.
  • As a general practice, give the references in parenthesis or in footnotes, not in the body of the sentence.
  • We shall give only one illustration of the justness of this remark, although we might produce a hundred.
  • Just as water at that altitude boils at a low temperature, so did it need only a little fiery spirit to give the desired tingle to the blood.
  • He could give heed to nothing but himself, all the world seemed blotted out, and he suffered the pain of excessive self-concentration.
  • Then she dried her eyes, placed her arm in his, and as if to give another turn to the conversation, led him to her flowers.
  • At this the poor doe collapses altogether; her knees give way beneath her, and bowing her head she remains beside her young.
  • The interest aroused by the series has been very gratifying to the Committee, and it is planned to give a similar series annually hereafter.
  • But, Charles, you will have to give up a great deal if you go, and learn to do everything for yourself.
  • In other words, that the Almighty cannot give agents a power to sin, and at the same time deny this power to them.
  • However, as you desire it, I will give you my own views of the state of parties, you can then draw your own conclusions.
  • But at the end of a week his health began to give way, and, like a man after a violent debauch, he thought of returning to a more normal existence.
  • But it was a musical assembly, and a few cries of "Shame!" hushed the storm sufficiently to give our curiosity vent.
  • She did not seem even to see me, nor give the least glance at anybody or anything, except Lenhart Davy and his board.
  • Teleki, ascribing this silence to indignation against Beldi, very confidently arose, and bade the Estates give their votes.

Definition of Give

(ditransitive) To move, shift, provide something abstract or concrete to someone or something or somewhere. | (ditransitive) To estimate or predict (a duration or probability) for (something). | (intransitive) To yield slightly when a force is applied.
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