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  • To him he would give over the work.
  • Let us not give over our toils till we must.
  • Lysander Butts was not a man to give over a struggle.
  • And Sarella did not speedily give over missing Mariquita.
  • I want you to give over everything into my hands and let me be your guide.
  • A year passed, and we were compelled at last to give over the search.
  • That young man, however, would not give over the reins to anybody.
  • We will give over the house and all its contents to Mírzá Músá.
  • Would she give over the house to Mr. Gnat at this critical moment?
  • You'll give over your horse to Chilina, who'll go off and warn the signorina.
  • I kind of hate to give over the idea of saying something to Mr. Masterson.
  • I'd not give over till I found him," said the cripple.

How To Use Give Over In A Sentence?

  • Mag had needed little persuasion to give over the care of her child to Jacqueline.
  • Orders were sent at the same time to Baissoor to give over ravaging the district of Roodbar.
  • But though Tom saved his life, Andy did not seem to give over annoying the young inventor.
  • This would give over a thousand pounds of mushrooms a season from this cellar when it is in full running capacity.
  • Being forced to give over the attack, they contented themselves with burning the houses and ravaging the country round.
  • Should the nobles abandon their order and give over their privileges, what will act as a check on the demands and encroachments of the commons?
  • Neither would he hastily give over the search of difficult matters, or be easily satisfied with sudden notions and opinions.
  • Perhaps he thought she was contemplating with concern the day when he must give over his strivings and hoardings, and leave her widowed and alone.
  • In a rage he turned round upon it and tried to dart his fangs into it; but he could do no harm to heavy iron and had soon to give over his wrath.
  • He begged me to give over all unlawful pursuits, saying, that if persisted in, they were sure of bringing a person to destruction.
  • This was so true that Choate could only stare at him and wish he would either give over or brutally tell him whether he was to be free.
  • Yet the poor man would not give over pleading with him, begging that he might go with them and be one of the Immortals, too.
  • Jeff believed he had discovered the clever little trick at the bottom of the game, the trick that should give over to your grasp the right handle at last.
  • His nervous system became completely shattered, and he had several strokes of paralysis; but it was not until his mind also began to fail in serious fashion that he would give over his work.

Definition of Give Over

(transitive, now rare) To give up, hand over, surrender (something). | (transitive) To entrust (something) to another. | (transitive) To devote or resign to a particular purpose or activity; to yield completely.
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