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  • The law gives her this and more.
  • It gives her indigestion.
  • He gives her no chance to speak.
  • Hescott gives her the car in silence.
  • He gives her arm a wrench.
  • He gives her some pretty good presents.
  • James does her best to conceal the shock this gives her.
  • This joy gives her experience of a genii-life.
  • In such cases nature cheerfully gives her deposition.
  • How are we going to live, if he gives her the money?
  • Pooh, my lord never gives her a smile!
  • Gives her a Serenade for me.
  • She puts her soul into it, gives her blood.
  • He gives her technical cause, of course.
  • Margaret gives her a nod, and goes out through the window.
  • He gives her no caress, says no word of endearment.
  • He gives her, however, but little encouragement.
  • He gives her, however, but little encouragement.
  • He gives her to me.
  • Is not the life he gives her better than what you call the world?
  • Whereupon he gives her a graphic account of the scene on the lake.
  • He gives her a ring the stone of which will grow black in that event.
  • He gives her a brilliant smile in return for her rather mocking one.
  • She's sure of my want of money, and that gives her time.
  • That gives her a chance to see the world and men, and then make a wise choice.
  • But the king, becoming importunate, she at last gives her consent.
  • Neither did she deserve the title of modest which Gibbon gives her.

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  • Perhaps it is her almost blunt honesty that gives her the appearance of lacking tact.
  • She demands of her partner that he should give her stimulants, and he gives her soporifics.
  • Generous as the city is to them, she rightly gives her rewards to those of her own race first.
  • There can be no mistaking the shock it gives her, and still he stands and makes no sign.
  • He gives her all the tender words, all the warm caresses he used to lavish on me.
  • Theoretically, the tradition which she traces back to the apostles gives her a fixed constitution.
  • Lucille gives her ripening experience to her chosen work, to which she was too devoted to resign.
  • It is something to think of, and gives her a sort of distinction among her companions.
  • The hostess gives her hand to the newcomer, and presents her to the guest of honor.
  • He gives her one look of entreaty, and that smile which should have won her heart long ago.
  • But the woman with the great, tender and loving heart gives her all and asks no idolatrous homage.
  • A movement on my part would doubtless scare her; but my restful presence gives her no anxiety.
  • This gives her the hold she obtains among the ignorant masses, whether at home or abroad.
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