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  • But it gives me encouragement to trick him.
  • But it gives fresh encouragement to me.
  • Cloete just gives him a nod and they go in.
  • This gives great plausibility to their apologies.
  • He who gives freely gives twice.
  • He gives her some pretty good presents.
  • Every campaign gives us a new horde.
  • The negation of one gives birth to another of them.
  • What season gives the school janitor most work?
  • There still remains, which gives me pain.
  • This biographer gives some curious anecdotes of his school days.
  • This gives a good idea of the ordinary arrangement of the apparatus within.
  • Her intentions are inscrutable; she watches us come and go, and gives no sign.
  • What a feeling of solitude and desolation, deep, far-extending snow gives one.
  • A breach so wide as gives me hopes To sep'rate them forever.

How To Use Gives In A Sentence?

  • He is, however, by no means partial, and gives us praise when he thinks we deserve it.
  • I knew Cavalotti slightly, and this gives me a sort of personal interest in his duel.
  • In his autobiography Von Baer gives us the explanation of this striking contradiction.
  • In a letter to Dr. Franklin and others he gives a graphic description of this engagement.
  • The effectiveness of the periodic sentence arises from the prominence which it gives to the main statement.
  • The current which just gives a sufficient lighting of the signal may be about doubled with safety to the filament of the lamp.
  • My brother, as I hope, will soon arrive: Whate'er advice he gives me, that I'll follow.
  • The Blessing which the Pope gives that Day is solemn, and extends to the whole Christian World.
  • He is handsome, well-set, all Life and Spirit, and gives very fair Hopes of being a great Man.
  • The freedom of metal-block arresters from dust troubles gives them a large economical advantage over carbon.
  • She is so entirely enveloped and thickly veiled, that but to look at her gives one a feeling of suffocation.
  • Nothing helps me so much as to talk it over; not only does it clear up my ideas, but it gives me desire to write.
  • There are many anecdotes in this book not included in this list, which gives however, the principal.
  • The picture which he gives of both these latter schools is indistinct; and he appears reluctant to mention the names of their teachers.
  • To be bound almost literally hand and foot in the vicinity of a bad smell is a form of torture which in its way gives points to any inquisition.
  • History gives them scant notice, and the Federal government has failed to reward them as they deserve.
  • She hates the theatre; it gives her neuralgia; but she attends all the first nights because her one passion is to be made love to in public.
  • A cool and healthy mountain climate gives unwonted zest for the lovely excursions of which Garoet is the centre.
  • This cell gives an electromotive force of 2.1 volts and a very large current when it is in good condition, since its internal resistance is low.
  • This result, times the ohms per cubic inch, as given in the table, gives the resistance of the winding.
  • The heterogeneous character of Sourabaya gives unwonted interest to the streets, uniquely brilliant in grouping and colour.
  • IX gives the capacity, shape, and dimensions of a variety of condensers selected from those regularly on the market.
  • It is chiefly to artists that his house is open, though he gives the literary hallmark to the legacy of memories he will leave to the Quarter.
  • Now, suppose all this to be admitted, let us consider whether it gives any support to the Calvinistic creed of election.
  • Where, then, is the actual experiment "as the highest means of proof," which gives evidence for these "certain facts"?

Definition of Gives

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of give
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