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  • What a gladdening result for the sensation-loving minds of the callous!
  • You shall believe it to be nutritious to the body and gladdening to the soul.
  • The gray of dawn was slowly gladdening toward the warmer hue of day.

How To Use Gladdening In A Sentence?

  • Meantime grow on in tender youthfulness, Nursed by light breezes, gladdening this thy mother.
  • At that auspicious moment all the musical instruments resounded, and proclaimed in gladdening airs the happy event.
  • The news was so gladdening to Don Mariano, that he came immediately to propose to the young ladies to have a dance that evening.
  • And a better sun, too, is gladdening all earth and heaven; but I, confined in a low cottage, see only the faint reflection of his brightness.
  • This gladdening sound was like a reprieve to a convict, and we all instantly turned to look at it; but in a little time some of us began to be afraid it was not a sail.
  • Therefore if Music is to express this spirit it must do so by contributing its meed of assistance to make this workaday world more bright by gladdening the heart of man.

Definition of Gladdening

present participle of gladden
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