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  • The lieutenant glances quickly around.
  • The two women exchanged glances of despair.
  • The latter returned his glances without flinching.
  • The first man, startled by the report, glances up.
  • They exchanged several glances of worry about Boy.
  • All glances were turned on J. R. Taskinar.
  • The only glances they vouchsafed him were side-long and disapproving.
  • The other women in the party exchanged glances of horror and wrath.
  • As the last man stepped out the plotters exchanged glances of terror.
  • The young man exchanged meaning glances with the man-servant.
  • A few quick glances through the trees, and he turned and beckoned.
  • Their glances met and told their tale of deep and unutterable affection.
  • She took a chair facing them, meeting their glances with a steady directness.
  • He departed, covered with ignominy under the glances of the angry Stevens.
  • I confess that I experienced a thrill as I exchanged glances with them.

How To Use Glances In A Sentence?

  • Some two score pairs of eager eyes sought each to stay those glances upon themselves.
  • They cast sheepish glances at the two ladies, and the younger had the grace to blush.
  • They gave one another a couple of curious and worried glances and Boyce hollered.
  • The men whistled, stamped the deck impatiently, and cast anxious glances back at the cutter.
  • They exchanged glances at one another and briefly Hartford became pale, then forced a smile.
  • He sent one of his slant-eyed glances toward Jean, who bit her lips and looked away.
  • How peacefully the old man sleeps, thinks Abbot, as he glances a moment around the room.
  • For the horrible sees he not, As his hallowed glances yet Never gazed upon shadows.
  • I never have seen thee Cheerful as now, nor ever beheld I thy glances so beaming.
  • A certain nobleman, at one time, affected to cast tender glances on Madame Adelaide.
  • Nugent was moved with inward laughter at the impressive speech, at the ogling glances accompanying it.
  • A tittering broke out there; and glances were cast round at me, and then there would be fresh tittering.
  • As he said this he gave involuntarily one of those fearful glances over his shoulder, and shrunk back with more than usual horror.
  • Abbot raises a hand in warning, and glances quickly from the prisoner at the door to the frame whence fast is ebbing the imprisoned soul.
  • They walk haltingly, clumsily, uncertainly, stealing occasional glances at the advancing bridal party.
  • The honest burghers cast fearful glances at the deep scar slashed across the visage of the stranger, and moved their chairs a little farther off.
  • Her very glances were counted, and her words, addressed even to ladies of the highest rank, imprinted upon them a look of ravishment.
  • Then, once or twice, timidly and furtively, she casts shy, quick glances aloft and towards the front of the building.
  • They had reached perhaps half the distance, when Menard saw that two of his canoemen had exchanged glances and were looking toward the shore.
  • It requires little calculation to tell Major Abbot that those glances are towards the window of his room.
  • To avoid commiseration of heartless friends and the triumphant glances of literary enemies, Hubert passed through the door leading on to the stage.
  • Dan Anderson pointed down the street, where a group stood talking among themselves, casting occasional side-long glances in his direction.
  • Rising into the white wash of moonlight came Suzanne, moving with careful softness, her eyes sending piercing glances up and down the hall.
  • The horses were walking at last, but it was a walk so full of frightened starts and nervous glances that it threatened at any moment to break into a run.
  • For a time they were very silent, but at last, after two or three sidelong glances at Marie, Clotilde opened the ball.

Definition of Glances

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of glance | plural of glance
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