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  • What then is the role that this gland plays?
  • Describe a hair gland and its muscles.
  • A tube through which fluid from a gland is conveyed.
  • The gland swells and becomes very painful.
  • The prostrate gland is located just before the bladder.
  • A normal sebaceous gland in connection with a lanugo hair.
  • In the "mumps," the parotid gland is diseased.
  • Only when the gland is diseased are bacteria found in any abundance.
  • Why a muscle contracts or a gland secretes we have certainly not yet answered.
  • The name of one of the abdominal organs, the largest gland in the system.
  • A perspiratory gland from the palm of the hand, magnified forty diameters.
  • Every gland is supplied with arteries, veins, lymphatics, and nerves.
  • The Prostate Gland 48 d.
  • The Prostate Gland 45 2.

How To Use Gland In A Sentence?

  • The two ejaculatory ducts coming together in the prostate gland open into the urethra.
  • On the fifth day the ulcerating gland burst outside and the parotid gland became relieved.
  • Wax-scale: one of the scales secreted in the wax pocket or gland of a worker bee.
  • The gland that secretes the pancreatic juice; located in the abdominal cavity near the stomach.
  • Duct: a channel, tube or canal for carrying a secretion from a gland to the point of discharge.
  • Sericterium -ies: the silk producing gland or glands in caterpillars: the spinning structures.
  • The long duct of each gland is but a deep fold of the stomach lining (see note, p. 11).
  • By dissection the multiple external coats of the gland and ovarian tubes could be seen to be continuous.
  • The pineal gland and the pituitary body are adjuncts of the brain whose functions have long been in latency.
  • The bleeding was restrained by the finger of an assistant, and the complete extirpation of the diseased gland was effected.
  • I tried to persuade the parents to continue the packs till the gland was healed, but they found it too much trouble.
  • In the present section the walls of the groove are just fusing, to cut off the cavity of the gland from the dorsal part of the groove.
  • Also the parotid gland on the same side became seriously affected, swoll considerably and looked as if the ear might be endangered.
  • He was completely empty, and the object he saw hanging to the bush set every salivary gland in his mouth working.
  • Such a condition of the sexual apparatus is likely to cause a nocturnal emission, relieving this tension and emptying the gorged gland ducts.
  • Harding, however, was absorbed in the study of several brass rings and coils of packing that had formed the gland of a pump.
  • A round gland is present on the chin of all specimens; in some the gland is barely visible, but in others it is large and distinct.
  • Nevertheless my pity for the poor fellow is excited by quite other things than by his hard, stony, pineal gland of the soul.
  • The breasts do not partake of this increase, but become flat and hard, the substance of the gland losing its spongy structure.
  • Inflammation caused by the invasion of the udder with specific bacteria is usually of greater severity, the entire gland often becoming involved.
  • Stamens 10, monadelphous, the 5 shorter ones bearing each a small gland on the outer surface of the base.
  • Lumen: the cavity of an organ: the inner surface of a tube: the hollow portion of a gland or vesicular structure.
  • A gland is a little tube closed at one end, or a bunch of such tubes, which can take something out of the blood and make it into a juice.
  • A substance made from the blood, the special character of which depends upon the kind of gland that makes, or secretes, it.
  • Is there any method by which we can approach these fundamental problems of muscle action, heart beat, gland secretion, etc.?

Definition of Gland

(mechanical) A compressable cylindrical case and its contents around a shaft where it passes through a barrier, intended to prevent the passage of a fluid past the barrier, such as:
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