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How To Use Gleaner In A Sentence?

  • A Ground Gleaner and Tree Trapper, clearing grubs and beetles from ploughed land.
  • Little remains therefore for the gleaner of to-day save bibliographical jottings, and neglected notes on its first appearance.
  • The wit and humor of Shakespeare endear him to our hearts; and what a rich harvest does the gleaner obtain from his pages!
  • To dispute this postulate, would be manifestly absurd, as the spiritual man is the conscious Ego, the real gleaner and possessor of knowledge.
  • Wilson, in his humble way, was a gleaner in the field so richly harvested by Sir Walter Scott.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gleaner | Gleaner Sentence

  • Then is the time for the gleaner to take his or her part.
  • A Ground Gleaner and Tree Trapper.
  • A famous Ground Gleaner and Seed Sower.
  • A Ground Gleaner as well as a Weed Warrior, and a constant joyful songster.

Definition of Gleaner

One who gleans. | (slang) A person who focuses on self-improvement while in prison.
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