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  • At once there was a gleeful hubbub.
  • Sadie gave a little gleeful skip.
  • She seemed quite gleeful over this cheerful information.
  • You ought to be a gleeful girl, full of happy hopes.
  • Sibyl gave one of her gleeful shouts, and ran to meet them.
  • Whereupon the young man, gleeful over his invention, prompted her again.
  • She saw in the gleeful eyes, gleaming upon her, something of the truth.
  • Jacqueline made a gleeful face at her sister's back, not unnoted by Philip.
  • Ogilvy cast a gleeful glance back at the house: "Fine little girl.

How To Use Gleeful In A Sentence?

  • In gleeful delight she rocked backward and forward and twisted her hands together tightly.
  • To-day she was like a child out of school in her gleeful enjoyment, only very quiet.
  • As we go further on in life, let us go with the remembrance that we have had our gleeful days.
  • Then, with a gleeful shout, the naughty pair sped away to eat pie under the porch.
  • He turned on his heel, erect, dignified, and walked away amid the roars of my gleeful comrades.
  • Then, again, rang out those gleeful harmonies of which our Puritan bells know nothing.
  • Neither of us felt very gleeful as we got our breakfast and made an early start down the river again.
  • Under the watchful eye of the gleeful crowd the manager packed an envelope with bills and wrote a check.
  • But the blue eyes were gleeful just at this moment, as if their owner was proud of her deftness in slipping off the handkerchief.
  • I never beheld there my fancy realized of a band of gleeful negroes hoeing cane to the music of the banjo.
  • Peter was nosing about by himself in a little recess by the fireplace, and soon the other two heard him give a gleeful chuckle.
  • She assumed that he was entirely to blame for the loss, and seemed to take a gleeful delight in showing him how perverse and wilful she could be.
  • I told him, by all means; and he was gone upon the instant, gleeful as though to a game of football.
  • They piled the yellow dishes in a gleeful hurry, and Francis went out and disposed of the scraps and did mysterious things to the kerosene stove.
  • Help her Marion did, and when the jumbled but valuable contents of the drawer were all transferred, Gladys shut it up with a gleeful laugh.
  • As if to add horror to the devil's gleeful statement, a huge slimy rat ran across Clif's body just then; it made him shiver all over.
  • She had run on in a sort of gleeful play, not at all guessing what the pencil marks really meant, and stopped short now only for fear her play might chafe.
  • She looked fearfully round, and her soul died within her as she encountered the malevolent, gleeful eyes of the sinister piper, pressed closely against her face.

Definition of Gleeful

Exuberantly or triumphantly joyful.
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