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  • We went down the glen after supper.
  • He ran from one side of the glen to the other.
  • In that lone glen were looking on their play.
  • How if she will not make a glen in it like this glen here.
  • What is the spice that haunts each glen and glade?
  • This particular glen is a beautiful spot.
  • Gimblet glanced to right and left, up the glen and down it.
  • What was Glen doing all this time?
  • Marcus Glen saw this and smiled.
  • Fanny Glen must answer for herself.
  • Fanny Glen was really frightened now.
  • For a moment Glen wondered what he should do.
  • Nevis Glen a man in a delirium.
  • He forgot what Glen had done for him.
  • This time Glen smiled.
  • Jim and Glen were constantly in the saddle.
  • He stared fixedly at Glen but did not see him.
  • I wonder what Glen and the other fellows will say.
  • Fanny Glen sank back in the chair.
  • When it was ready Glen gave it to her with a spoon.
  • How Glen rejoiced in his strength as he heard this!
  • How Glen did fly around with his preparations!
  • He was at once selected by Glen as one of his lot.
  • Should he tell Glen how much he knew?
  • So the Glen he loved laid him to rest.
  • All at once, Glen uttered a shout of joy.
  • Mr. Glen immediately gave him an emetic draught.
  • I wonder whether that chap Glen will get the step up.
  • Leff had become surly, Glen quarrelsome.
  • Fortunately, Glen was close beside his companion.
  • No, Glen could not read a rod.
  • This time Glen knew he was speaking to his buggy horses.
  • Bill caught Glen by the arm, dragging him along.
  • He knew Glen spoke the truth; he always did.
  • For the first time Glen noticed a deep red mark.

How To Use Glen In A Sentence?

  • In the Glen of Aherlow.
  • He liked him; something hearty about Glen appealed to him.
  • The blow was severe; Glen had hard hitting powers.
  • Now for the Glen Eddy bridge.
  • Would Glen Leigh last out?

Definition of Glen

A secluded and narrow valley, especially one with a river running through it; a dale; a depression between hills.
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