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  • Dutchy was a very glib talker.
  • They were glib and apologetic.
  • I lost my glib speech.
  • The chauffeur was glib enough.
  • Spence smiled at the glib prophecy.
  • The retort was glib enough.
  • Boys so glib as you never really love.
  • Peter was neither particularly glib nor witty.
  • The doctor scented mischief in the glib phrases.
  • Thy rymes should run as glib and smooth as oyl.
  • Nina, that glib tongue of yours has not been blabbing.
  • Your great Generals could be glib about it.
  • Resource, readiness, abundance of glib phrases must in time become his.
  • There was unction in the glib quickness of Tom's reply.
  • He war mighty smart, an' had a good head-piece, an' a orful glib tongue.
  • To his companion's glib Attic he returned only Doric monosyllables.

How To Use Glib In A Sentence?

  • He was not quite sure that he would have been ready with this glib explanation.
  • I have seen more fall into a habit of glib lying, under the teazing constraint.
  • Elizabeth was forty-one years old then, but apparently very attractive and glib of tongue.
  • She began to read laboriously and slowly from the book, adding explanatory notes in glib tones.
  • As to the auctioneers, they are always glib of tongue, good-natured, and persuasive.
  • Some thought possibly that I was a glib liar; others did not even trouble to think anything.
  • Lombard and Sawtell looked admiringly at Lonergan and more than ever appreciated his glib tongue.
  • Is slavery, pray, so soft, and glib a tie, That you prefer the chain to liberty?
  • There are various glib sayings to the effect that the work of great men is not appreciated until after they are dead.
  • We have always been very glib about democracy; we have assumed that this country was a democracy because we named it so.
  • We have curled our lips in something like contempt as we have witnessed glib apology and weary explanation.
  • The first thing that strikes us in connection with this glib project is the enormous difficulty of carrying it into execution.
  • Evidently he had uttered the glib lie before, and as on another occasion he waited for his listener to reduce the words to figures.
  • It is not that they are glib of tongue or facile of speech, but somehow the very pressure of their hand is grateful to the saddened heart.
  • He heard glib profanity rolling from the lips of children who should have been stumbling through baby catechisms; and his heart ached for them.
  • Reserved he was, and not a loose or glib talker, but he always showed his interest and gave close attention.
  • So the drummers talked with him a long time, and they had glib tongues, and the aid of the ever-welcome angels.
  • The shopkeeper pauses as he elevates the goods to bring them into a favorable light, and the glib professional recommendation sticks on his tongue.
  • He has not the glib faculty of sliding over a tale, but his words come squeamishly out of his mouth, and the laughter commonly before the jest.
  • He had recovered his composure, and translated with glib and smiling unconcern the story which Samba told.
  • The glib Countess remained entirely convinced that his anger was not at being seen, but at not being applauded when seen.
  • They did not fear her discrimination, and told their story, through an interpreter, with a glib disregard of any uncanny perspicacity on her part.
  • He embarrassed me by making a show of thinking it over again, making me feel like I was just a half-pissed glib poltroon.
  • If we remonstrated they became angry; retorting fiercely, impatient of opposition, they flew into a passion, and were glib in threats.

Definition of Glib

Having a ready flow of words but lacking thought or understanding; superficial; shallow. | (dated) Smooth or slippery. | Artfully persuasive but insincere in nature; smooth-talking, honey-tongued, silver-tongued
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