Glistened In A Sentence

Definition of Glistened

simple past tense and past participle of glisten

How To Use Glistened In A Sentence?

  • Then on the other side the windows glistened with the tawny glow of gold.
  • It glistened in the sunlight as if it might be free from foreign matter.
  • The thief's eyes glistened at sight of it.
  • In its grip glistened the barrel of a nickel-plated revolver.
  • Here the boy's eyes glistened more than ever.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Glistened | Glistened Sentence

  • A tear glistened on her veil.
  • Hills and mountains glistened in all directions.
  • Still his eyes glistened at the recital.
  • They sat up and smiled and glistened at him.
  • His eyes glistened with joy.
  • How her eyes glistened when she laughed.
  • His eye glistened with respectful approval.
  • Aa glistened in the rays of the morning sun.
  • His dark eyes glistened under its folds.
  • Tears glistened in eyes that had not been wet for years.
  • Tiny beads of sweat glistened on his forehead.
  • Her eyes glistened with excitement and delight.
  • A dark fire glistened in his eye.
  • His automatic glistened in his hand at his hip.
  • His sleek flanks glistened in the moonlight.
  • Her brilliant eyes glistened with unshed tears.
  • Her eyes glistened and she moved on to an earlier point.
  • It fairly glistened with shed feather-sheaths.
  • A little lake glistened back from shore.
  • Water ran in little gullies and glistened on the sagebrush.
  • The enamel on the badge glistened in the camp light.
  • What was it that glittered, glistened from afar?
  • How warmly the sun glistened on our sleek coats!
  • The stars glistened in the sky like tear-drops.
  • In the candle-light the locket glistened with tiny jewels.
  • On the top of the walls glistened jagged lumps of glass.
  • Above them, the snow shimmered and glistened blindingly.
  • The walls glistened with moisture, so did the stone floor.
  • His beady black eyes glistened beneath his beetle brows.
  • My eyes glistened as I spoke.
  • Jim's eyes glistened eagerly.
  • The eyes of our visitors and their officers glistened at this intelligence.
  • His cap had fallen off and his forehead glistened with sweat.
  • I looked down to hide the moisture that glistened in my eyes.
  • Plume's eye glistened with satisfaction.

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