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How To Use Globe In A Sentence?

  • Hold the hole over your globe so that a small part of the surface shows through.
  • He fumbled with his breathing globe and then pushed the button that activated the door.
  • Discoverers on the surface of our globe are immortalized by finding new lands in unknown regions.
  • The glory will be mine when all the people of this great globe are joined to our glorious realm.
  • Brightening the light in the gas globe over the mantel, she approached and confronted him.
  • The beautiful spun-glass globe of illusion he had carried so secretly was shattered in the dust.
  • She watched him silhouetted against the blood-red globe of the sun as it sank lower and lower.
  • One-half of the globe was darkly shaded, curiously fretted by the lighter half.
  • The red evening glow reflecting from her golden hair, made her breathing globe almost amber.
  • In a couple of centuries or so there will be nothing left to occupy us any more on this little globe of ours.
  • Circumnavigation of the globe changed our relationship between the planet we live on and the maps we used to describe it.
  • There is no other portion of the globe in which travel is possible where loneliness can be said to live so thoroughly.
  • The professor confessed in a jocular tone his impatience to complete the circuit of the globe and be done with it.
  • We can cut the globe in half and make a flat picture of the two parts as they look when placed side by side.
  • He could see the warm, damp indentation where her breathing globe had rested against her shoulders and chest.
  • From that first awakening my skull was a mere globe of stagnant fluid, for any disease germs that listed to propagate in.
  • A cheap and somewhat dilapidated cuckoo-clock and toy velocipede flank the famous globe of the world in diamonds and precious stones.
  • The light, softened by the subdued light of the globe of ground crystal, fell softly on the face of the count.
  • I have no doubt that he is spying somewhere or other on the globe at this moment, but I have no ambition to meet him again.
  • Among the extraordinarily lavish uses of gold and gems is a golden globe twenty inches in diameter, turning on a frame of solid gold.
  • This set the philosophers of Paris thinking how they might construct a globe which could be successfully inflated with hydrogen.
  • Three-fourths of the population of the globe still runs unshod, however, and it is obvious that this crying want cannot be met by the old system.
  • Access to the mountain limestone is thus peculiarly favourable to the pursuits of the student who makes researches into the history of the life of the globe on which we dwell.
  • Men emerged on a globe still very wet; for, as in the Iroquois and other myths, there had been a time when "water was the world ".

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Globe | Globe Sentence

  • Another name for the globe is sphere.
  • A globe shows the shape of the earth.
  • The globe swam before her as if obscured by tears.
  • It was the globe of the sun, rising out of the sea.
  • And how the sun was like a globe of gold . . .
  • In Globe 8vo, cloth elegant.
  • Louis Globe Democrat.
  • The Globe Theatre, too, has quite disappeared.
  • The16th century saw the successful circumnavigation of the globe via the seas.
  • The 20th century saw the successful circumnavigation of the globe from space.
  • A globe was engraved inside the lid, and the chain was of steel.
  • By the author of "Hogan, M.P." Globe 8vo.
  • Every second man, at least, on this globe of ours has tried it.
  • The maps still worked, they just described a globe instead of a plane.
  • With Illustrations by E. V. B. Globe 8vo.
  • From some quarter of the globe war is almost always before the Empire.

Definition of Globe

(intransitive) To become spherical. | (transitive) To make spherical. | Any spherical (or nearly spherical) object.
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