Glories In A Sentence

Definition of Glories

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of glory | plural of glory

How To Use Glories In A Sentence?

  • All she wanted was for him to have the full glories of a man.
  • I fancied the glories of the prospective perspective before me.
  • The glories of sunset and sunrise are his between the sun and the earth.
  • In his face she had been seeing all the glories that can be given to mortals.
  • They preached the glories of another world and the miseries of this.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Glories | Glories Sentence

  • Rome glories in fleeing!
  • Yet glories of the day.
  • Survey the glories of the universe.
  • What seeming glories and blessings were these!
  • And glories shall bring.
  • Perhaps it may be the glories of the hereafter.
  • Nacional renounced the highest glories of tauromachy.
  • A glimpse of glories that shall blaze no more!
  • And golden glories round its spires!
  • She knows it, and she glories in it.
  • Beyond material glories we cannot count with certainty.
  • A ruffian who commits a crime usually glories in it.
  • Micky closed miserable eyes to the glories of the day.
  • My spells have turned thy glories into dust.
  • The stretch of glories departed is quickly passed.
  • The glories that did gild thee in thy rise!
  • The glories of the world, the love of women?
  • Than glories of your Eyes.
  • There, in the darkness, the glories are mated.
  • The glories of old Rome!
  • The glories of the Masterly race.
  • Whence the bright glories of the Godhead shine!
  • There would be an end to the glories of Haredale.
  • And the glories of its treasures Shadow of a shade?
  • He had studied the past glories of the Cyclades.
  • But art new strains invents, new glories to rehearse.
  • No one glories in his success more than I.
  • He painted the glories of the scenery and of Roman masonry.
  • Now glory to the Lord of hosts, from whom all glories are!
  • Why not sing the glories of Nature, of life, of man?
  • Alexandre Dumas is not the least of the glories of France.
  • We saw the glories of Franconia Notch.
  • And let him tell the glories of The Coast Artillerie.
  • The glories of the age of Lewis XIV.
  • Anticipation invests all things with the glories of the rainbow.

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