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  • She drew her glove over it.
  • Ruth was twisting up her glove in her hand.
  • You have thrown down the glove to him once too often.
  • She drew her glove over the ring.
  • He was also to have a glove on his right hand.
  • Overland took the glove and tucked it in his pocket.
  • The glove lay in my favorite passage.
  • Frank stuck the little glove up on the tall chimney.
  • Your glove is worn: you must replace it.
  • The imbroidered glove may be some childs, no womans.
  • Mother, why did you throw that glove at Mason?
  • Or rather on the glove I lately found.
  • He spake And struck his right-hand glove upon his knee.
  • The Suede glove has a surface much like that of the Mocha.
  • She would have liked to strip off her glove and show them the ring.
  • Dolly blushed crimson as she stooped to look for a glove that she had dropped.
  • It tanned well and made a glove that has been a favorite from the first.
  • She pulled off her glove and began to take off her diamond rings.
  • He merely rested his glove against the pupil's face.
  • Young Nelligan took up the glove with a strange feeling of bashful reverence.
  • Anne Marshall gazed at the soiled and wrinkled glove with unenlightened eyes.
  • She wore one glove (wrong side out), and was carrying the other one.
  • Twenty-fourth week, child gazes at glove and at his fingers alternately (194).
  • Bein' hand an' glove wid Moncrossen is good rayson to suspicion any man.
  • O that I were a glove upon that hand, That I might touch that cheek!
  • To throw down one's glove before a man was to challenge him to a combat.

How To Use Glove In A Sentence?

  • He had a glove that was ripped and he hoped she would take pity on him and sew it up.
  • After the glove contest Browning had very little to say about the freshman leader.
  • Stenovics saw himself cast aside like an old glove if Prince Sergius came to the throne.
  • Even after all the care that is given it, a glove is a shapeless thing when it comes from the sewing machines.
  • No glove manufacturer can afford to employ an unskilled or careless cutter, for he will waste much more than his wages amount to.
  • One glance, and you saw the woman who in another age would have thrown her glove to the tiger for her lover to pick up!
  • There must be no puckering, and the seam must not be so tightly drawn as to leave a red line on the hand when the glove is taken off.
  • On the left-hand glove the thumb is started at right of the stripe, on the right-hand glove at the left of stripe.
  • He places a die in the shape of the glove upon the leather, gives one blow with a heavy maul, and the glove is cut out.
  • I kissed that glove so fondly that Hazel had to warn me not to eat it, as it would not protect me if I did.
  • The glove is so closely associated with the hand and with the person to whom the hand belongs that in olden times it was looked upon as representing him.
  • This Glove is a symbol of fidelity and is emblematic of that Masonic friendship which bound us to him whose tenement of clay now lies before us.
  • But it made her glance up with a smile into the benevolent old face above her, and she stripped back the glove from her finger with a dramatic gesture.
  • Pleasure in crumpling paper, tearing newspapers and rolling them into balls, pulling at glove or hair, ringing of a bell (142, 143).

Definition of Glove

(baseball, transitive) To catch the ball in a baseball mitt. | (transitive) To put a glove or gloves on. | (cricket) To touch a delivery with one's glove while the gloved hand is on the bat. Under the rules of cricket, the batsman is deemed to have hit the ball.
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