Gloved In A Sentence

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  • Her gloved hand trembled.
  • Rowdy threw out a gloved hand quickly.
  • He held out a great gloved hand.
  • Then she patted him on the cheek with her gloved hand.
  • She seized it in her gloved hand and wrenched it.
  • She laid her gloved hand gently on his hand.
  • She advanced with a tiny gloved hand held out to him.
  • She waved a small gloved hand to him on the platform.
  • A gentleman faultlessly gloved cannot go far wrong.
  • Then she came back and slapped father with a gloved hand.
  • I gently lowered my gloved hand and caressed its head.
  • One small gloved hand lay on her lap outside the shawl.
  • I cried, taking her small gloved hand.
  • And struck the city of sand with her small, gloved hand.
  • Her hands, shapely and good, were gloved in gray.
  • With his gloved hands Trent touched the thing lightly.
  • Why not a Gloved Hand?
  • To be gloved or not to be gloved is a vexed question with them.
  • The gloved right hand shot out an accompaniment to his words.
  • Her gloved hand was extended and he took it without hesitation.
  • Instinctively she raised her little gloved hand and patted her hair.
  • We all grabbed tightly with our gloved hands as he gave the word.
  • Jeroloman took the hat and with a gloved finger rubbed at the brim.
  • He lifted her little hand in his great gloved one and kissed it.
  • When she had done so, he took her gloved hand in his and kissed it.
  • The man held the gloved hand a shade longer than was necessary.
  • She put out a small gloved hand uncertainly and touched his sleeve.
  • She dashed her gloved hands across her eyes and wiped the tears away.
  • Slender gloved fingers flew up, were nervously busy a moment.
  • She closed her gloved palm cordially on the fine hand so confidingly given.
  • He held out his elbow, and she slipped her gloved hand over his forearm.
  • Her gloved hands lay quietly in her lap; she was gazing out over the prairies.
  • She raised a small, gloved hand and swept back a disordered tress.

How To Use Gloved In A Sentence?

  • He reached up and pressed the small gloved hand and the grasp was warmly returned.
  • Involuntarily his glad fingers closed down upon the gloved hand that lay beneath them.
  • A fine and delicately gloved hand was placed upon her heart as if to restrain its pulsations.
  • The doc absentmindedly noticed my gyrations and delicately scratched my nose with a gloved finger.
  • Rhes was the first one there, pulling at the twisted and smoking metal with his gloved hands.
  • The policeman waved a white gloved hand to the people who had already left the landing stage.
  • Addie helped her to alight; and her gloved fingers trembled in his firm little hand.

Definition of Gloved

wearing gloves | simple past tense and past participle of glove
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